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Memorize Bible Books (Part 1)

Memorize Bible Books (Part 1)


  1. 1. Genesis—The book that tells how Paradise was lost.

    Exodus—God saved his people by his mighty hand.

    Leviticus—God’s laws to keep them holy day by day.

    Numbers—Some lost the chance to see the Promised Land.

    Deuteronomy—Encouragement to listen and obey.

    Joshua—Each fam’ly got a place to call their own.

    Judges—God’s mighty ones performing mighty deeds.

    Ruth—Rewarded with a fam’ly and a home.

    First Samuel—God chooses faithful David to be king.

    Second Samuel—The trouble in his house because of sin.

    First Kings—The kingdom is divided north and south.

    Second Kings—Though most were bad, a few were faithful men.

    First Chronicles—The things they learned from lessons in the past.

    Second Chronicles—Bad rulers lead the nation to its fall.

    Ezra—His work restored true worship once again.

    Nehemiah—He helped rebuild the city and its walls.

    Esther—She spoke with courage when the time was right.

    Job—Integrity is precious in God’s eyes.

    Psalms—Inspired songs to praise God’s love and might.

    Proverbs—The wisdom of its words is always true.

    Ecclesiastes—The happiness that serving God will bring.

    Song of Solomon—True love is ever loyal, always strong.

    Isaiah—How life will be when Jesus rules as King.


    The Bible is the greatest book of all.

    Jehovah is its Author, you’ll recall.

    Let’s read it ev’ry day to learn it and obey.

    The Bible is the greatest book of all.