Become Jehovah’s Friend​—Original Songs

This is a compilation of songs that reach a child’s heart.

Become Jehovah’s Friend—Theme Song

How can you be friends with God?

We Love Family Worship

Family worship will help you to get closer to Jehovah.

This Is My Family

Sing about loving your family.

Thank You for You

Appreciate the people around you, and build lasting friendships!

Be Loyal

How can you take a stand for the truth?

Endure Like Noah

With Jehovah’s help, you can endure just like Noah.

Esther Had Courage

Esther stood up for what was right—you can too!

Love Is the Key

Let us imitate Jehovah and Jesus by showing love at all times.

The Twelve Apostles—Do You Know Them?

Let’s try to remember the 12 apostles of Jesus. Can you name all of them?

Mary—Humble and Willing

How did Jehovah use the faithful servant Mary? Listen to this beautiful song, and learn to imitate Mary’s good qualities.

Ruth—A Real Friend

How can you be a good friend like Ruth?

David—An Example for Youths

From a young age and throughout his life, David drew close to Jehovah and trusted in him.

Little One

Little ones are a gift from Jehovah. Sing to them about the Paradise that awaits us.

We Can’t Wait to Meet You

Two sisters prepare to welcome a new sibling into the family!

Jehovah, My Mom, and Me

Watch how Chung-Hee shows appreciation for his hardworking mom.

I Want to Be Meek Like Moses

Watch Moses grow up and obey Jehovah throughout his life.