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Song 51

We Cleave to Jehovah

We Cleave to Jehovah

(Joshua 23:8)

1. Our Sov’reign, Jehovah, has shown himself deserving.

In all of his dealings, his justice is unswerving.

No word he has spoken will prove to be in vain.

We cleave to Jehovah and close to him remain;

Embracing his rule is the way of lasting gain.

2. On truth and on justice his throne is firmly founded.

The place of his dwelling with glory is surrounded.

At his invitation, to him the meek now stream.

We cleave to Jehovah, the God who is supreme;

Deserving is he of our worshipful esteem.

3. The heaven of heavens itself cannot contain him.

No foe can resist him, no enemy restrain him.

All things he has promised, we trust him to fulfill.

We cleave to Jehovah; We want to do his will,

And may our devotion to him grow deeper still.