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Song 80

The Quality of Goodness

The Quality of Goodness

(Psalm 119:66)

1. Knowing goodness from Jehovah

Is a joy through all our days.

As our Father in the heavens,

He is good in all his ways.

Showing favor, granting mercy,

Far beyond what we deserve;

He is worthy of our worship

And the One we gladly serve.

2. In his likeness he has made us

So that we might cultivate

All the virtues he possesses

And his goodness imitate.

May we grow in godly goodness,

In his virtues may we share.

Let us pray for holy spirit,

That its fruitage we might bear.

3. Those to whom we are related

In the faith​—our brotherhood​—

We will show them special favor,

But to all may we do good.

As we share the Kingdom good news

And our hope with all we meet,

May we always be impartial;

May our goodness be complete.