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Song 45

Move Ahead!

Move Ahead!

(Hebrews 6:1)

1. Move ahead, move ahead to maturity!

It’s the will of our God that we gain ability.

Try your best to improve in your ministry,

Then our God your work will bless.

There’s a place in the service for all.

It’s the work Jesus did, you’ll recall.

Look to God that you thus at no time may fall,

Standing firm for righteousness.

2. Move ahead, move ahead, boldly witnessing!

Everlasting good news to all sorts of people bring.

Join in praise to Jehovah, our God and King,

As we preach from door to door.

Wicked foes try to cause us to fear.

Don’t shrink back, but let ev’ryone hear

Joyful news that the Kingdom of God is here.

Teach the truth yet more and more.

3. Move ahead, move ahead, always follow through,

And improve in your skills for there’s so much work to do.

Let God’s spirit keep on motivating you.

Find the joy that is divine.

Love the people you work hard to find.

Keep returning to reach heart and mind.

And assist all good progress each day to make,

So the light of truth will shine.