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Song 70

“Make Sure of the More Important Things”

“Make Sure of the More Important Things”

(Philippians 1:10)

1. How great our need today for discernment,

To know the things that are true,

To know which things have greater importance,

To know which things we must do!

Love what is good; Hate what is bad.

Make God’s heart glad;

Find all the joy that it brings. Always pray;

Study each day.

Yes, may we do these important things.

2. And what could be of greater importance

Than sharing Kingdom good news,

To find our Father’s lost little sheep,

And to help them his way to choose?

They need to hear; They need to know.

Oh, may we show

Love for our neighbors and help them to see,

Help them get free!

Preaching is such an important thing.

3. If we take care to do what’s important,

Our faith will make us secure.

We’ll know the peace beyond human thinking

And keep our hope ever sure.

True friends we’ll find; True love we’ll know.

This love will grow.

Oh, what rich blessings it brings when we learn,

When we discern,

And when we do the important things!