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Song 73

Love Intensely From the Heart

Love Intensely From the Heart

(1 Peter 1:22)

1. Love must come from deep in our hearts,

There is the place affection starts;

Real fellow feeling it imparts

For all our brothers dear.

We will find the way to express

Loving intentions we possess,

Practicing God’s large heartedness,

Proving our love sincere.

Let us love in word and deed,

Being generous to those in need,

Letting goodness take the lead

With each opportunity.

Honor and respect we display;

Kindly concern will be our way.

Our brothers’ faults we won’t betray.

Ever loyal we will be,

Guarding precious unity.

2. When our love is pure and intense,

We will be slow to take offense;

Reason we have for confidence

In all our brothers true.

Loyal friendships, we cultivate;

Each other we appreciate.

Pleasurably we congregate,

Gaining our strength anew.

Day by day we all transgress;

Thoughtless words can often cause distress.

So we must show tenderness

To those whom our God does love.

True companions we’ll ever be,

Strengthening bonds with constancy.

Let love be your identity.

Magnifying God above,

Imitate Jehovah’s love.