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Song 76

Jehovah, God of Peace

Jehovah, God of Peace

(Philippians 4:9)

1. Jehovah, God of peace,

God of love that will not cease.

Grant us peaceful, calm conditions,

That good fruitage may increase.

Your counsel we have sought;

With your Son our lives were bought.

May you grant us now your own peace

That excels all human thought.

2. This world seeks peace in vain.

They have sown and reaped much pain.

But upon your favored people,

Peace descends like gentle rain.

As we discern your will

And our vows to you fulfill,

May you please now bless our efforts

And more peace in us instill.

3. Your spirit aids our sight

As your Word gives needed light.

We are guided and protected

In a world as dark as night.

May peace just like the dew

Calm our thoughts, refresh us too,

That our hearts and mental powers

Might be safe by means of you.