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Song 21

Happy, the Merciful!

Happy, the Merciful!

(Matthew 5:7)

1. How happy are the merciful!

In God’s eyes they are beautiful.

They tell to all who love the right

That God in mercy takes delight.

Through Jesus, mercy God displayed,

Provision for our ransom made.

He offers mercy to the meek

Because he knows our frame is weak.

2. Those merciful like God are blessed;

Through sins forgiven they have rest.

They benefit by mercy shown,

Since Christ appeared before God’s throne.

This mercy they would gladly share

By preaching God’s Word ev’rywhere,

By telling men, “Be of good cheer

Because the Kingdom now is here.”

3. The meek will see Jehovah’s love

When they are judged by him above.

His mercy they will really know,

Since they, like him, true mercy show.

So merciful let’s strive to be

And cultivate that quality.

Our God and Christ have shown the way;

May we show mercy ev’ry day.