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Song 52

Guard Your Heart

Guard Your Heart

(Proverbs 4:23)

1. Oh, guard your heart, it means your life;

Avoid the path of sin.

God reads the heart, and there he finds

The person deep within.

Sometimes the heart is desperate

And could begin to stray.

So use your mind to guide your heart,

And keep Jehovah’s way.

2. Prepare your heart to search for God

By means of earnest prayer.

With constancy, give praise and thanks;

Confide each need and care.

The things Jehovah teaches us

Are things we should obey.

So cultivate a loyal heart,

And please him ev’ry day.

3. Protect your heart from harmful thoughts;

Consider what is true.

Allow God’s Word to reach your heart,

To strengthen and renew.

Jehovah loves his loyal ones;

On this we can depend.

So worship him wholeheartedly

Forever as his friend.