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Song 135

Enduring to the End

Enduring to the End

(Matthew 24:13)

1. God’s Word and all it promises

Give reason to endure.

The things you’ve learned and come to love

Are all well-founded and sure.

Be stabilized in holy faith,

Keeping God’s day close in mind.

Stand firm in your integrity;

By tests you will be refined.

2. Maintain the love you had at first,

Which somehow could be lost.

Despite the trials you will meet,

Endure no matter the cost.

Whatever test may come your way,

Never yield to doubt or fear.

Jehovah will provide escape,

Our God ever will be near.

3. All those enduring to the end

Are those who will be saved.

The book of life will list their names,

A record clearly engraved.

So let endurance be your aim;

Let it have its work complete.

Jehovah’s favor you will know;

With joy you will be replete.