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Song 72

Cultivating the Quality of Love

Cultivating the Quality of Love

(1 Corinthians 13:1-8)

1. We humbly bow to our God in prayer,

That all his qualities we may share.

But most important of all those things

Is love, which having his spirit brings.

We may be talented, wise, or bold,

But we are nothing if love grows cold.

So may we cultivate lasting love;

Then we’ll endure and please God above.

2. It’s not enough to use just the mind,

As we keep teaching the sheep we find.

We need to love them in word and deed,

While helping them on His Word to feed.

Love helps us patiently suffer wrong,

Bears heavy loads when it’s really strong.

And so remember in each travail,

Love bears all things; it will never fail.