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Song 94

Content With God’s Good Gifts

Content With God’s Good Gifts

(James 1:17)

1. All perfect presents, each good gift,

The things we’re fondest of,

The truly worthy things in life,

Come down from God above.

With him there is no wavering,

No change, however slight.

Jehovah is our Grand Provider,

The Source of life and light.

2. We have no cause for anxious care

Concerning daily needs;

We know the loving care by him

Who birds of heaven feeds.

We give no place to worthless things,

No years to hurtful strife.

But satisfied with God’s provisions,

We lead a simple life.

3. The lofty things in human eyes,

To God are merely vain.

Let’s use the days we’re granted now

For things of lasting gain.

The riches that we store with God

Are safe, though we may die.

We prize the gift of true contentment

And keep a simple eye.