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A Secure Future—​Everyone’s Desire

A Secure Future—​Everyone’s Desire

What kind of future do you desire? Like most people, you no doubt want a secure future for yourself and your family​—one of happiness, good health, peace, and prosperity.

Many people, however, doubt that they will have the future they desire. They have seen sudden and unexpected events​—such as the COVID-19 pandemic—​upend society, devastate the economy, and threaten their life. As a result, they feel that their future is far from secure.

In view of the uncertainty, people are eagerly searching for something that will guide them to a better future. Some trust in such unseen forces as fate or fortune. Many pursue education and wealth, thinking that these things will guarantee that they get what they want. Others feel that being a good person is all they need to do to have a good life.

Will any of those options lead you to the future you desire? To find out, you need to consider these questions:

  • What really determines your future?

  • Can education and money guarantee a better life?

  • Will being a good person guarantee you a secure future?

  • Where can you find a reliable guide to a secure future?

This issue of The Watchtower can help you find the answers.