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“The earth will give its produce; God, our God, will bless us.”​—PSALM 67:6

Enjoy Our Creator’s Blessings Forever

Enjoy Our Creator’s Blessings Forever

God promised the prophet Abraham that one of his descendants would bring blessings to “all nations of the earth.” (Genesis 22:18) Who would that descendant be?

Almost 2,000 years ago, God gave Jesus, who was a descendant of Abraham, the power to perform powerful miracles. Those miracles indicated that the promise made to Abraham would come to the nations by means of Jesus.​—Galatians 3:14.

The miracles Jesus performed helped identify him as the one whom God has chosen to bless mankind, and they also demonstrated how God will use him to bless mankind eternally. Notice how Jesus’ miracles highlight some of his appealing qualities.

Tenderness​—Jesus healed the sick.

Once, a leper begged Jesus to heal him. Jesus touched him and responded: “I want to!” Immediately, the leprosy vanished.​—Mark 1:40-42.

Generosity​—Jesus fed the hungry.

Jesus did not want people to go hungry. On more than one occasion, he miraculously fed thousands of people by multiplying a few loaves and a few small fish. (Matthew 14:17-21; 15:32-38) After eating, all were satisfied and an abundance of food was left over.

Compassion​—Jesus raised the dead.

“Moved with pity,” Jesus raised from the dead the only son of a grieving widow who had no one else to look after her.​—Luke 7:12-15.