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Love compels us to put the interests of others ahead of our own

How to Show Love to Our Fellow Man

How to Show Love to Our Fellow Man

As descendants of the first man, Adam, we are all one family. Even though members of a family are expected to love and respect one another, nowadays it is hard to find such love. This is not what our loving God wants.


“You must love your fellow man as yourself.”​—LEVITICUS 19:18.

“Continue to love your enemies.”​—MATTHEW 5:44.


Note how God describes love in his Word at 1 Corinthians 13:4-7:

“Love is patient and kind.”

Consider: How do you feel when others are patient and kind with you and do not react angrily to your mistakes?

“Love is not jealous.”

Consider: How do you feel when others are overly suspicious or envious of you?

Love “does not look for its own interests.”

Consider: How do you feel when others are willing to respect your views and do not always insist on their own opinion?

Love “does not keep account of the injury.”

Consider: God is willing to forgive repentant people who have wronged him. “He will not always find fault, nor will he stay resentful.” (Psalm 103:9) We appreciate it when someone that we have offended forgives us. So we should be ready to forgive others when they offend us.​—Psalm 86:5.

Love “does not rejoice over unrighteousness.”

Consider: When something bad happens to us, we do not like others to rejoice over our suffering. So we do not rejoice when others suffer hardship, even if they have mistreated us.

To enjoy God’s blessing, we must love others in these ways regardless of who they are. One practical way we can do this is by helping those in need.