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Just as a businessman uses a secretary to write for him, God used some faithful humans to put the Holy Scriptures in writing

How the Creator Reveals His Loving Promises

How the Creator Reveals His Loving Promises

Since the creation of mankind, our Creator has communicated with people through angels and prophets. In addition, he chose to have his message and promised blessings put in writing. These promises from God affect your future. So where can you find God’s promises today?

God’s message to us is contained in the Holy Scriptures. (2 Timothy 3:16) How did God use prophets to write his message? (2 Peter 1:21) God put his thoughts in the minds of the writers, who then wrote them down. It is similar today. If a businessman uses a secretary to write a message on his behalf, we still acknowledge the businessman as the author of the message. Likewise, even though God used men to write his message, he is the real Author of the Sacred Writings.


God’s message is so important that he wants all people to read and understand it. Today his “everlasting good news” is readily available to “every nation and tribe and language.” (Revelation 14:6, footnote) With God’s blessing, the Sacred Writings are available in whole or in part in over 3,000 languages, many more than any other book on earth.