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3 | Benefit From Bible Examples

3 | Benefit From Bible Examples

THE BIBLE DESCRIBES . . . Faithful men and women who experienced “feelings like ours.”​—JAMES 5:17.

What That Means

The Bible’s pages are filled with real-life accounts of men and women who experienced a wide range of emotions. As we read their experiences, we may find a Bible character whom we can relate to.

How This Can Help

We all need to feel understood. But this is especially true when we struggle with our mental health. When we read the real-life experiences of Bible characters, we may identify with them and relate to their thoughts and feelings. As a result, we realize that we are not alone in our distress and we feel less isolated when dealing with anxiety and disturbing emotions.

  • The Bible records many expressions of those who felt helpless and desperate. Have you ever felt, ‘I just can’t take it anymore’? Moses did, as did Elijah and David.​—Numbers 11:14; 1 Kings 19:4; Psalm 55:4.

  • The Bible tells us of a woman named Hannah who felt “extremely bitter” because she could not have children and was being cruelly taunted about it by her rival wife.​—1 Samuel 1:6, 10.

  • The Bible tells of a man named Job whom we may relate to. Although being a man of faith, he suffered from deep emotional distress and once said: “I loathe my life; I do not want to go on living.”​—Job 7:16.

By learning how these Bible characters successfully dealt with negative patterns of thinking, we too can find the strength we need to cope with our distresses.