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Do You Remember?

Do You Remember?

 Do You Remember?

Have you appreciated reading the recent issues of The Watchtower? Well, see if you can answer the following questions:

Why can we be sure that the fulfillment of the prophecy of “new heavens and a new earth” at Isaiah 65:17-19 involved more than the Jews’ return from captivity?

Because the apostles Peter and John, writing in the first century C.E., pointed to a future fulfillment, which involves blessings that are still to come. (2 Peter 3:13; Revelation 21:1-4)​—4/15, pages 10-12.

What may underlie the ancient Greek myths about violent demigods?

These may be embellishments and distortions of the fact that before the Flood some angels took human bodies and led violent, immoral lives on earth. (Genesis 6:1, 2)​—4/15, page 27.

What are some dangers that mature Christians will guard against at weddings?

It is important to avoid boisterous revelry, which might develop if alcohol flows too freely and there is wild dancing to loud music. Unless it is made clear that a reception is open to all, uninvited ones should not attend. The bridegroom should make sure that responsible Christians will be present until the celebration ends at a reasonable hour.​—5/1, pages 19-22.

What is suggested by the mention at Psalm 128:3 of sons being “like slips of olive trees” around a man’s table?

Often new shoots sprout from the base of the trunk of an olive tree. When the main trunk of an old tree no longer bears much fruit, new shoots may become vigorous trunks around it. Similarly, parents can rejoice to have fruit-bearing children serving Jehovah alongside them.​—5/15, page 27.

What are some benefits that children derive from a wholesome family atmosphere?

It lays the groundwork for their having a healthy view of authority, appreciation of proper values, and happy relations with others. Such an atmosphere can also help them to develop a friendship with God.​—6/1, page 18.

In one land in the Far East, what was done to encourage the idea that all Christians are brothers?

All the congregations were urged not to address certain ones with honorific terms. Rather, all should be addressed equally as brothers.​—6/15, pages 21, 22.

Do Jehovah’s Witnesses accept medicines derived from blood?

We believe that the Bible command ‘abstain from blood’ rules out transfusions of whole blood or its primary components (plasma, red cells, white cells, and platelets). (Acts 15:28, 29) As to fractions derived from the primary components, each Christian decides personally, bearing in mind what the Bible says and his relationship with God.​—6/15, pages 29-31.

Is it really possible to find inner peace today?

Yes. By means of the Bible, Jesus Christ is guiding people to the way of pure worship and the peace described at Isaiah 32:18. Furthermore, those acquiring such peace have the prospect of enjoying permanent peace on earth in fulfillment of Psalm 37:11, 29.​—7/1, page 7.

What role did George Young have in modern theocratic history?

Beginning in 1917, he proved to be a light bearer of the Kingdom good news in many lands. His ministry took him throughout Canada, to islands of the Caribbean, to Brazil and other lands of South America, to Central America, to Spain, to Portugal, to what was then the Soviet Union, and to the United States.​—7/1, pages 22-7.

What does 1 Corinthians 15:29 mean when it speaks of some “being baptized for the purpose of being dead ones”?

The point is that when Christians are anointed by holy spirit, they are immersed into a life course that leads to their death and subsequent resurrection to heavenly life.​—7/15, page 17.

What was the apostle Paul doing during what have been described as his silent years?

It may be that he helped to establish or strengthen congregations in Syria and Cilicia. Many of the hardships mentioned at 2 Corinthians 11:23-27 must have occurred during this period, showing that he was carrying on an active ministry.​—7/15, pages 26, 27.

What can help us to be reasonable in our expectations?

Remember that Jehovah is understanding. Prayer to him can help us to balance our thinking, and it shows modesty. Another help is getting a fresh view by talking with a mature friend.​—8/1, pages 29, 30.