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Use Medicinal Drugs Wisely

Use Medicinal Drugs Wisely

 Use Medicinal Drugs Wisely


WHEN your doctor prescribes medicinal drugs, he no doubt does so with good intentions, basing his prescription on his diagnosis, medical knowledge, and experience. Nevertheless, the patient should not expect his doctor to accept total accountability for his well-being. The patient remains responsible for what he takes into his body.

When taking prescription medicines, consider the following practical guidelines from a medical doctor:

● All drugs have side effects. You have a right to know what medication is being prescribed and what its possible side effects are. If your doctor does not provide this information, do not hesitate to ask. In most cases the benefits will outweigh the side effects. But you need to be informed so that you can make an intelligent decision.

● Drugs affect each individual differently. Your doctor cannot predict exactly how a given drug will affect you. If you become alarmed by unexpected side effects, consult your doctor.

● Find out how long you will need to take the medication. Also determine if it is potentially addictive.

● Beware of deciding to stop taking medication on your own, perhaps because you are feeling better. Coming off medication too soon may exacerbate your condition. Rather, consult your doctor first.

● Always take prescription medication under a doctor’s supervision.