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2 | Protect Your Livelihood

2 | Protect Your Livelihood


Many people struggle each day just trying to make ends meet. Sadly, world turmoil can make that challenge even more difficult. Why?

  • Communities in turmoil experience a rise in the cost of living​—including food and housing.

  • Crises can increase unemployment or decrease wages.

  • Disasters can damage or destroy people’s business establishments, homes, or other assets, forcing many into poverty.

What You Should Know

  • The better you manage your money, the better you may be able to cope during a crisis.

  • Financial security is not necessarily permanent; income, savings, and assets can lose value.

  • There are things that money cannot buy, such as happiness and family unity.

What You Can Do Now

The Bible says: “Having food and clothing, we will be content with these things.”​—1 Timothy 6:8.

Being content involves limiting our wants and being satisfied when our daily needs are met. This is especially important when our livelihood has been affected.

To be content, you may have to adjust your lifestyle. If you live beyond your means, your financial situation will only get worse.