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The Central Object of the Tabernacle

The Central Object of the Tabernacle

25:9, 21, 22

The Ark was the most important object of the tabernacle and of the camp of Israel. God’s presence was represented by a cloud between the two cherubs over the propitiatory cover of the Ark. On the annual Day of Atonement, the high priest entered the Most Holy and spattered the blood of a bull and a goat before the cover to atone for Israel’s sins. (Le 16:14, 15) This foreshadowed the entrance of Jesus, the greater High Priest, into the very presence of Jehovah in heaven to present the value of his ransom sacrifice.​—Heb 9:24-26.

Match the following scriptures to the benefits available to us because of the ransom:


  • hope of living forever

  • forgiveness of sins

  • clean conscience

What must we do to receive these benefits?