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Jesus Witnesses to a Samaritan Woman

Jesus Witnesses to a Samaritan Woman

4:6-26, 39-41

What enabled Jesus to witness informally?

  • 4:7​—He started the conversation by asking for a drink of water rather than by talking about the Kingdom or identifying himself as the Messiah

  • 4:9​—He did not prejudge the Samaritan woman on the basis of her race

  • 4:9, 12​—When she raised points that were potentially controversial, he kept the conversation on track.​—cf 77 ¶3

  • 4:10​—He opened with an illustration taken from the woman’s daily life

  • 4:16-19​—Although she was living immorally, Jesus treated her with dignity

How does this account illustrate the importance of witnessing informally?