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Special Campaign in November to Publicize God’s Kingdom

Special Campaign in November to Publicize God’s Kingdom

Jesus declared “the good news of the Kingdom of God.” (Lu 4:43) He also taught people to pray for that Kingdom. (Mt 6:9, 10) During November, we will make a special effort to publicize God’s Kingdom. (Mt 24:14) Arrange your schedule to have a full share in this campaign. All those serving as auxiliary pioneers may choose a 30- or 50-hour requirement for this month.

Share a scripture regarding God’s Kingdom with as many people in your territory as possible. When selecting a scripture, take into account the religious background of your listeners. If someone expresses interest on the initial call, give him a copy of the public edition of The Watchtower No. 2 2020. Then follow up on the interest as soon as possible, and try to start a Bible study using a publication from our Teaching Toolbox. Limited time is left before God’s Kingdom crushes all authority in opposition to it. (Da 2:44; 1Co 15:24, 25) Therefore, may we take full advantage of this special opportunity to show our allegiance to Jehovah and his Kingdom!

God’s Kingdom will bring Paradise to the earth!