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Use Videos to Teach Your Bible Students

Use Videos to Teach Your Bible Students

Visual aids capture the attention of the viewer and help him to understand and remember what he learned. Our Grand Instructor, Jehovah, used visual aids to teach important lessons. (Ge 15:5; Jer 18:1-6) So did the Great Teacher, Jesus. (Mt 18:2-6; 22:19-21) One form of visual aid that has proved to be very beneficial in recent years is video. Are you making good use of videos when teaching your Bible students?

Ten videos have been prepared to help us teach the lessons in the brochure Good News From God! Generally, each video title corresponds to one of the questions in bold font found in the brochure. The digital version includes links that remind us when to show each of the videos. In addition, other videos supplement material in the various study publications in our Teaching Toolbox.

Are you discussing a Bible topic that may be difficult for your student to understand? Or is your student dealing with a particular trial? Search through the videos on® and JW Broadcasting® to find one that would benefit him. Perhaps you and your student could watch one of them together and then discuss it.

Each month, new videos are released. As you watch them, think about how you could use them when teaching others.