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Improving Our Skills in the Ministry​—Writing Good Letters

Improving Our Skills in the Ministry​—Writing Good Letters

WHY IMPORTANT: The book of 1 Corinthians is one of 14 letters written by the apostle Paul to encourage fellow Christians. A letter allows the writer to choose his words carefully, and it can be read repeatedly by the recipient. Letters are a good way to witness to relatives and acquaintances. They are also an effective means of giving a witness to those we are unable to speak to in person. For example, someone may have shown interest but is hard to find at home. Some in our territory may be difficult to reach because they live in high-security apartment buildings, gated communities, or isolated places. What are some things to keep in mind, especially when writing to a stranger?


  • Say what you would have said in person. Introduce yourself in the beginning of the letter, and state clearly why you are writing. Perhaps pose a question for the person to think about, and refer him to our website. Then tell him about the Online Bible Study Lessons, outline our home Bible study program, or cite some of the chapter titles from one of our study aids. Literature, such as a contact card, an invitation, or a tract, can be enclosed

  • Be brief. Conclude your letter before the recipient might tire of reading it.​—See the sample letter

  • Proofread it for errors and legibility. Make sure it sounds friendly, tactful, and positive. Affix sufficient postage