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The Knowledge of Jehovah Will Fill the Earth

The Knowledge of Jehovah Will Fill the Earth

How this prophecy applied to the Israelites

  • Neither on the way home from their exile in Babylon nor in their restored land did the Israelites need to fear wild beasts or beastlike men.Ezr 8:21, 22

How this prophecy applies to our day

  • Knowledge of Jehovah has changed personalities. Formerly violent people have become peaceable. Knowledge of God has created a global spiritual paradise

How this prophecy will be fulfilled in the future

  • The whole earth will be transformed into a secure, peaceful paradise, according to God’s original purpose. No creature, whether human or animal, will pose any threat

Paul was changed by the knowledge of God

  • As a Pharisee, he displayed beastlike traits.1Ti 1:13

  • Accurate knowledge transformed his personality.Col 3:8-10