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How Will You Prepare for the Memorial?

How Will You Prepare for the Memorial?

Beginning this year, we will have more time to prepare for the Memorial of Christ’s death. When the Memorial falls on a weekday, the Life and Ministry Meeting will not be held that week. When the Memorial falls on a weekend, the public talk and Watchtower Study will not be held. Will you make the best use of the additional time in your schedule? Just as in the first century, physical arrangements must be made for this special occasion. (Lu 22:7-13; km 3/15 1) But all of us should prepare our hearts. How can we do so?

  • Reflect on the importance of attending.​—1Co 11:23-26

  • Prayerfully examine your personal relationship with Jehovah.​—1Co 11:27-29; 2Co 13:5

  • Read and meditate on Scriptural material that discusses the meaning of the Memorial.​—Joh 3:16; 15:13

Some publishers read and meditate on the Memorial Bible reading found in Examining the Scriptures Daily. Others read the Bible verses that appear in the accompanying chart. Still others review Watchtower articles that discuss the Memorial and the love that Jehovah and Jesus have shown for us. Whatever study project you choose, may it draw you ever closer to Jehovah and his Son.