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What Do You Believe?

What Do You Believe?

Many religious fundamentalists believe that the earth and everything on it was created in six 24-hour days, just a few thousand years ago. Some atheists would have you believe that God does not exist, that the Bible is a book of myths, and that all life is the product of random, undirected events.

The majority of people hold views that are somewhere between these opposing ideas. The fact that you are reading this brochure likely indicates that you are one of them. You may believe in God and respect the Bible. But you may also value the opinion of highly trained and influential scientists who do not believe that life was created. If you are a parent, you may wonder how to answer your children when they ask questions about evolution and creation.

What Is the Purpose of This Brochure?

It is not the purpose of this material to ridicule the views either of fundamentalists or of those who choose not to believe in God. Rather, it is our hope that this brochure will prompt you to examine again the basis for some of your beliefs. It will present an explanation of the Bible’s account of creation that you may not have previously considered. And it will emphasize why it really does matter what you believe about how life began.

Will you trust the claims of those who say that there is no intelligent Creator and that the Bible is unreliable? Or will you examine what the Bible actually says? Which teachings are worthy of your trust, your faith: those of the Bible or those of evolutionists? (Hebrews 11:1) Why not review the facts?