Lasting Peace and Happiness​—How to Find Them

God offers all people the opportunity to live in a paradise.


For many people, peace and happiness are elusive. Are such conditions just a dream?

Peace and Happiness​—Everyone’s Desire

Who does not want to be happy, enjoy a good life, and experience peace? These are normal desires. But are they attainable?

Can Religion Satisfy Mankind’s Needs?

Have churches, synagogues, and temples helped people to live happy, meaningful lives? What does history show?

Is There Really a Most High Creator?

Either life came about by chance, or it was created. Which alternative is more likely?

A Guidebook for the Blessing of All Mankind

The Bible is an extraordinary book in many ways. Are you familiar with its contents?

Cultivating Faith in the Creator

Many people believe in God, but wonder whether it is really possible to get to know him.

Pursue Lasting Peace and Happiness With God’s People

Throughout history, the Creator has shown sincere people the way to worship him.

Lasting Peace and Happiness Just Ahead!

Mankind has long hoped for better conditions. Will they ever come?