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What Is the Good News About Religion?

What Is the Good News About Religion?

1. Is all religion good?

There are sincere people in all religions. It is good news that God sees those people and cares about them. But sadly, religion has been used for evil ends. (2 Corinthians 4:3, 4; 11:13-15) According to news reports, some religions are even involved in terrorism, genocide, war, and child abuse. How this saddens sincere believers in God!​—Read Matthew 24:3-5, 11, 12.

Whereas true religion glorifies God, false religion displeases him. It teaches ideas that are not in the Bible, including false teachings about God and about the dead. But Jehovah wants people to know the truth about him.​—Read Ezekiel 18:4; 1 Timothy 2:3-5.

2. What is the good news about religion?

Happily, God is not deceived by religions that claim to love him but are really in love with Satan’s world. (James 4:4) God’s Word refers to all false religion as “Babylon the Great.” Babylon was the ancient city where false religion began after the Flood of Noah’s day. Soon, God will bring a sudden end to religion that deceives and oppresses mankind.​—Read Revelation 17:1, 2, 5, 16, 17; 18:8.

There is more good news. Jehovah has not forgotten the sincere people who are scattered among false religions worldwide. He is uniting such people by teaching them the truth.​—Read Micah 4:2, 5.

3. What should sincere people do?

True religion is uniting people

Jehovah cares about people who love what is true and good. He urges them to leave false religion behind. People who love God are willing to make changes to please him.​—Read Revelation 18:4.

In the first century, when sincere people heard the good news from the apostles, they responded with joy. They learned a new way of life from Jehovah, a happier way of life with a purpose and a hope. They are a good example for us today because they responded to the good news by putting Jehovah first in their lives.​—Read 1 Thessalonians 1:8, 9; 2:13.

Jehovah welcomes into his family of worshippers those who turn away from false religion. If you accept Jehovah’s warm invitation, you will receive his friendship, a new and loving family of fellow worshippers of Jehovah, and everlasting life.​—Read Mark 10:29, 30; 2 Corinthians 6:17, 18.

4. How will God bring joy to every land?

The coming judgment of false religion is good news. It will bring worldwide relief from oppression. Never again will false religion mislead and divide mankind. Everyone living will be united in the worship of the only true God.​—Read Revelation 18:20, 21; 21:3, 4.