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How Do Bible Principles Benefit Us?

How Do Bible Principles Benefit Us?

1. Why do we need guidance?

How could Bible principles move us to take safety precautions?​—PSALM 36:9.

Our Creator is wiser than we are. As a loving Father, he cares for us. Also, he did not intend for us to be independent of him. (Jeremiah 10:23) So just as a small child needs the guidance of parents, we all need the guidance of God. (Isaiah 48:17, 18) Bible principles provide guidance that is a gift from God.​—Read 2 Timothy 3:16.

Jehovah’s laws and principles teach us the best way of life now and show us how we can gain everlasting rewards in the future. Since God created us, it is only right that we respond appreciatively to his guidance.​—Read Psalm 19:7, 11; Revelation 4:11.

2. What are Bible principles?

Bible principles are fundamental truths. Laws, on the other hand, may be for specific circumstances. (Deuteronomy 22:8) We must use thinking ability to understand how a principle applies in a particular situation. (Proverbs 2:10-12) For example, the Bible teaches that life is a gift from God. That basic principle can guide us at work, at home, and while traveling. It leads us to take safety precautions.​—Read Acts 17:28.

3. Which two principles are primary?

Jesus spoke of two principles of prime importance. The first reveals the very purpose of human life​—to know God, to love him, and to serve him faithfully. This first principle should be considered in all our decisions. (Proverbs 3:6) Those who take this principle to heart gain friendship with God, true happiness, and everlasting life.​—Read Matthew 22:36-38.

The second principle can guide us into peaceful relationships with others. (1 Corinthians 13:4-7) Applying this second principle involves imitating God’s way of treating people.​—Read Matthew 7:12; 22:39, 40.

4. How do Bible principles benefit us?

Bible principles teach families how to be united by love. (Colossians 3:12-14) God’s Word also protects families by teaching another guiding principle​—that marriage should be permanent.​—Read Genesis 2:24.

By following Bible teachings, we can protect our material and emotional welfare. For example, employers often prefer workers who live by the Bible principles of honesty and diligence. (Proverbs 10:4, 26; Hebrews 13:18) God’s Word also teaches us to be content with the things that are necessary and to value friendship with God above material things.​—Read Matthew 6:24, 25, 33; 1 Timothy 6:8-10.

Applying Bible principles can protect our health. (Proverbs 14:30; 22:24, 25) For example, adhering to God’s law against drunkenness protects us from deadly diseases and accidents. (Proverbs 23:20) Jehovah permits us to drink alcoholic beverages but only in moderation. (Psalm 104:15; 1 Corinthians 6:10) Godly principles benefit us by teaching us to guard not just our actions but also our thoughts. (Psalm 119:97-100) Yet, true Christians do not respect God’s standards merely to benefit themselves. They do so to honor Jehovah.​—Read Matthew 5:14-16.