“Keep Yourselves in God’s Love”

This publication will help you to continue to apply Bible principles in your life and thus keep yourself in God’s love.

A Letter From the Governing Body

The Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses urges all who love Jehovah to follow the pattern of Jesus, who remained in his Father’s love.


“This Is What the Love of God Means”

In one simple sentence, the Bible explains how we can show that we love God.


How Can You Maintain a Good Conscience?

Is it possible to have a clear conscience that is not clean in God’s eyes?


Love Those Whom God Loves

Jehovah is particular in his choice of friends, and we should be too.


Why Respect Authority?

The Scriptures identify three principal areas of life where Jehovah asks us to respect the authority of others.


How to Keep Separate From the World

God’s Word identifies five ways in which we must be separate from the world.


How to Choose Wholesome Entertainment

Three questions can help you to choose wisely.


Do You Value Life as God Does?

Is there more involved than simply not taking the life of another person?


God Loves Clean People

The Bible can help you to avoid practices that would make you unclean in Jehovah’s sight.


“Flee From Sexual Immorality!”

Each year, thousands of Christians commit sexual immorality. How can you avoid being caught by this lure?


Marriage​—A Gift From a Loving God

How can you prepare for a successful marriage? If you are married already, how can you make your marriage last?


“Let Marriage Be Honorable”

A six-question self-examination can help you to improve your marriage.


Speak What “Is Good for Building Up”

Speech can tear others down or build them up. Learn how to use the gift of speech as Jehovah intended.


Celebrations That Displease God

Some celebrations and holidays that might appear to honor God actually offend him.


Be Honest in All Things

Before we can be honest with others, there is a step we must take first.


Find Enjoyment for Your Hard Work

The answers to five key questions can help you to discern whether or not to accept a particular job.


Oppose the Devil and His Crafty Acts

We acknowledge Satan’s power, yet we avoid becoming preoccupied with it. Why?


“Build Yourselves Up on Your Most Holy Faith”

Three steps can help you to make your faith stronger so that you will remain in God’s love.


How to Treat a Disfellowshipped Person

Is it really necessary to avoid all contact with such ones?


Head Coverings​—When and Why?

The Bible identifies three factors that can help you to answer.


Flag Salute, Voting, and Civilian Service

What Scriptural guidelines can help you to keep a clean conscience in these matters?


Blood Fractions and Surgical Procedures

By taking a few simple steps, you can successfully face medical challenges.


Gain the Victory Over Masturbation

How can you overcome this unclean practice?


The Bible’s View on Divorce and Separation

According to the Bible, when is a divorced person free to remarry?


Resolving Disputes in Business Matters

Can a Christian ever file a lawsuit against a fellow believer?