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  • Covers Paul, Tabitha, Gallio, Luke, a temple officer with the apostles, a Sadducee, Paul being escorted to Caesarea, and modern-day witnessing with a sound car and a phonograph.

  • Page 1 Paul, in chains, and Luke aboard a cargo ship on its way to Rome.

  • Pages 2, 3 Brothers J. E. Barr and T. Jaracz of the Governing Body at a world map.

  • Page 11 Jesus commissions the 11 faithful apostles and other followers on a mountain in Galilee.

  • Page 14 Jesus ascends into the sky. The apostles gaze after him.

  • Page 20 At Pentecost, the disciples begin speaking to visitors in their own languages.

  • Page 36 The apostles stand before a raging Caiaphas. The temple officers are at the disposal of the Sanhedrin to make arrests.

  • Page 44 Bottom: After World War II, an East German court wrongfully convicted Jehovah’s Witnesses as American spies.​—Periodical Neue Berliner Illustrierte, October 3, 1950.

  • Page 46 Stephen stands accused before the Sanhedrin. Wealthy Sadducees are in the background, and ultraorthodox Pharisees, in the foreground.

  • Page 54 Peter lays his hands on a new disciple; Simon is shown with a coin purse.

  • Page 75 Peter and his traveling companions enter Cornelius’ home. Cornelius wears a special cloak draped over his left shoulder to mark his rank as a centurion.

  • Page 83 Peter is led by an angel; the Tower of Antonia is the possible location of Peter’s imprisonment.

  • Page 84 Bottom: Mob violence near Montreal, Quebec, in 1945.​—Periodical Weekend Magazine, July 1956.

  • Page 91 Paul and Barnabas are thrown out of Pisidian Antioch. The city’s new aqueduct is shown in the background, likely built during the early first century C.E.

  • Page 94 Paul and Barnabas resist adulation in Lystra. Public sacrifices were usually colorful and noisy occasions with lots of music.

  • Page 100 Top: Silas and Judas encourage the congregation in Syrian Antioch. (Acts 15:30-32) Bottom: A circuit overseer speaks to a congregation in Uganda.

  • Page 107 The Jerusalem congregation meets in a private home.

  • Page 124 Paul and Timothy are portrayed traveling aboard a Roman merchant ship. A lighthouse can be seen in the distance.

  • Page 139 Paul and Silas are depicted in a gated courtyard, escaping an angry mob.

  • Page 155 Gallio chastises Paul’s accusers. He wears clothing befitting his position: a white imperial toga with a broad purple stripe and calcei, a type of shoe.

  • Page 158 Demetrius addresses workers in a silversmith’s shop in Ephesus. The silver shrines of Artemis are sold as souvenirs.

  • Page 171 Paul and his companions board a ship. The Great Harbor Monument, built in the first century B.C.E., is shown in the background.

  • Page 180 Bottom: During the 1940’s literature ban in Canada, a young Witness smuggles Bible literature. (Reenactment.)

  • Page 182 Paul yields to the elders’ request. Luke and Timothy are sitting in the background, assisting with the delivery of the contributions.

  • Page 190 Paul’s nephew speaks to Claudius Lysias in the Tower of Antonia, possible location of Paul’s custody. Herod’s temple shown in the background.

  • Page 206 Paul prays for weary travelers in the hold of a cargo ship.

  • Page 222 The prisoner Paul, chained to a Roman soldier, viewing part of the city of Rome.