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A Unique Prospect!

A Unique Prospect!

 A Unique Prospect!

“Everyone that is living and exercises faith in me will never die at all.”—JOHN 11:26.

1. Millions now dead will be resurrected to what kind of surroundings?

WHEN millions are raised in the resurrection, they will not be brought back to life on an empty earth. (Acts 24:15) They will awaken in beautifully improved surroundings and will find that living quarters, clothing, and an abundance of food have been prepared for them. Who will make all these preparations? Clearly, people will have to be living in the new world before the earthly resurrection begins. But who?

2-4. What unique prospect lies ahead for those living in “the last days”?

2 The fulfillment of Bible prophecy shows that we are living in “the last days” of this system of things. * (2 Timothy 3:1) Very soon now, Jehovah God is going to intervene in human affairs and wipe out wickedness from the earth. (Psalm 37:10, 11; Proverbs 2:21, 22) At that time, what will happen to those who are faithfully serving God?

3 Jehovah will not destroy the righteous along with the wicked. (Psalm 145:20) He has never done such a thing, and he will not do it when he cleanses the earth of all badness. (Compare Genesis 18:22, 23, 26.) In fact, the last book of the Bible speaks of “a great crowd, which no man was able to number, out of all nations and tribes and peoples and tongues,” coming out of “the great tribulation.” (Revelation 7:9-14) Yes, a great multitude will survive the great tribulation in which the present wicked world ends, and they will enter God’s new world. There, obedient mankind can benefit fully from God’s marvelous provision to free mankind from sin and death. (Revelation 22:1, 2) Thus, the “great crowd” need never experience death. What a unique prospect!

4 Can we have confidence in this astounding hope? Absolutely! Jesus Christ himself indicated that there would be a time when people would live without ever dying. Just before resurrecting his friend Lazarus, Jesus told Martha: “Everyone that is living and exercises faith in me will never die at all.”—John 11:26.

You Too Can Live Forever

5, 6. If you want to live forever in Paradise on earth, what should you do?

5 Do you want to live forever in Paradise on earth? Do you yearn to see your loved ones again? Then you must take in accurate knowledge of God’s will and purposes. In a prayer to God, Jesus said: “This means everlasting life, their taking in knowledge of you, the only true God, and of the one whom you sent forth, Jesus Christ.”—John 17:3.

6 It is God’s will that “all sorts of men should  be saved and come to an accurate knowledge of truth.” (1 Timothy 2:3, 4) Now is the time to learn how you, along with millions of others already doing God’s will, can live forever in Paradise on earth. Jehovah’s Witnesses will be happy to assist you in learning more about God and his requirements. Why not contact them at a Kingdom Hall near you or write to the nearest address listed on the following page?


^ par. 2 See What Does the Bible Really Teach? chapter 9, published by Jehovah’s Witnesses.

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“A great crowd” need never experience death