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Sri Lanka Branch Dedication

Sri Lanka Branch Dedication

LOCAL brothers and sisters dressed in traditional Sri Lankan garb warmly welcomed 130 delegates, who came from 19 countries to attend the branch dedication on this pretty island. A group of children sang Kingdom songs, and all enjoyed the fascinating cultural displays, delicious local food, and delightful music, along with warm Christian association.

Both the newly built and the renovated branch facilities were dedicated to Jehovah on Saturday, January 11, 2014, as an audience of 893 paid close attention to the program in three languages. There was sustained applause when Mark Sanderson of the Governing Body asked, “Would you like to dedicate these newly built facilities to Jehovah God?”

The following day, 7,701 enjoyed a review of Saturday’s program and an encouraging talk by Brother Sanderson. Five large venues around the country were tied in. For the first time, video streaming to and from all venues made it possible for brothers and sisters on all parts of the island to see and hear one another as they sang Kingdom melodies. This historic occasion was certainly a cause for “great joy.”Neh. 12:43.