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Worldwide Report

Worldwide Report

Worldwide Report



POPULATION 3,930,343,401




When it was near the time for Miho to give birth, she found it difficult to share in the ministry as usual. Wanting to continue her pioneer service, she asked the service overseer for addresses of homes where preaching was almost impossible, such as high-security apartment buildings. He gave her about a hundred addresses. From her home she telephoned as many as she could. On her initial attempt, no one wanted to listen, and she finished the calls in 30 minutes. Next, she combined her telephone calls with letters. Any information she could glean from a call, such as a baby crying in the background, she used as a basis for a short letter. When she thought that the letter had been delivered, she telephoned and discussed the benefit of applying the Scriptural guidance mentioned in the letter. In one case, a housewife refused to talk on the telephone, but Miho sent her a letter anyway. When Miho telephoned again, only the daughter, a schoolgirl, was at home, and she had read Miho’s letter. Miho witnessed to her and promised to send her a letter with some Scriptural advice for school life. She also arranged to telephone again. The mother answered the call and said that her daughter had been having problems at school and that what Miho had told her was of help. After a few more calls and letters, both mother and daughter began studying.


A schoolteacher named Prem searched for the truth for a long time. He read the Bible and attended a church near the school where he worked. However, he was unable to get answers to his questions and was upset because the pastor was constantly begging for donations. Prem prayed to God, asking for guidance to find a church that would help him learn the truth. When Prem moved and began to teach at another school, he asked his new neighbors where he could find a church. Living in the same apartment complex was a schoolboy whose mother had attended a few meetings at the Kingdom Hall, and that is where the boy led Prem. The public talk that Prem heard explained God’s Kingdom, a subject Prem especially wanted to understand. A study was arranged. Happy to be getting answers to his questions at last, Prem now attends the meetings regularly with his family. They have sent a letter of resignation to their church because they want to become Jehovah’s Witnesses.


Students at a primary school were asked to write an essay for an annual writing competition. The theme was “My Favorite Book.” Ten-year-old Weizhen wrote that the Bible was her favorite book. Besides commenting on the accuracy of Bible prophecy and the fine guidance God’s Word gives, she explained that the Bible has given her answers to questions that neither her teachers nor her fellow students could answer satisfactorily. “Our teacher told us that man’s ancestors evolved from monkeys,” wrote Weizhen. “I thought to myself: ‘If man descended from monkeys, should we not show them respectful devotion and feel heartfelt gratitude? So why do we lock them up in cages in zoos? Doesn’t that make us guilty of serious wrongdoing?’ But the Bible clearly answers: We have not, in fact, descended from monkeys. Rather, our ancestors were created in God’s image from the dust of the ground.” She concluded her composition by writing: “They said in ancient times, ‘Reading a book is like opening a treasure chest.’ In my opinion, the Bible is more precious than gold. Consequently, this book is the one I love reading the most.” Her composition won first prize even among entries submitted by middle school students, although she is only in the fourth grade. In relating her experience, she quotes Hebrews 4:12 and then says, “I give all honor to Jehovah God.”


When Bolortsetseg, a newly baptized sister in Mongolia, heard that a relative had died and that his widow was grieving deeply, she sent her all our publications printed in Mongolian. Evsanaa, the widow, read them in one night. The following day, she telephoned Bolortsetseg and asked her to come over right away to talk. Taking another sister along, Bolortsetseg visited Evsanaa, who had prepared a long list of questions. She eagerly listened to the answers from the Bible. After a long discussion, the sisters explained that Evsanaa would benefit more if they thoroughly discussed one topic at a time. They recommended a home Bible study. Evsanaa readily agreed to study three times a week. Within a month, she had thrown away her idols and was attending the meetings. Two months after becoming a publisher, she was all set to auxiliary pioneer when it was explained to her that she had to be baptized first. Undeterred, she determined to spend at least 50 hours a month in field service and is waiting for a convention in order to get baptized.


In the city of Rudny, a pioneer met a young man named Nikolay who expressed interest in having a home Bible study. There was, however, a problem. Nikolay and his family lived in a distant village, and he only rarely traveled to Rudny to visit his relatives. The brother asked whether he could visit Nikolay in his home village, but Nikolay explained that the village was 120 miles [200 km] away and extremely difficult to reach.

Nevertheless, the brother wrote down the address and promised that they would meet again. He arranged to visit the village and invited another brother and two sisters from the local congregation to join him. Two weeks later, they boarded a train. On reaching the closest train station, they discovered that it was another 11 miles [18 km] to Nikolay’s village and that there was no public transportation. Their only option was to walk. This was not easy because it was winter and an icy wind was blowing. After a short while, a tractor transporting a milk tank passed them and stopped. The driver offered them a ride​—inside the tank! The publishers thought that the man was joking, but the tank was empty and dry, so they climbed in. Although it was cold in the tank, at least they would have some protection from the bitter wind. The driver told them that he would drop them off four miles [7 km] from their destination. From there, they would need to continue on foot. It took them another two hours to walk the four miles [7 km] to Nikolay’s village.

Nikolay and his wife, Valya, were astonished and delighted to see the brothers and sisters at their doorstep. They helped their guests to warm up and offered them food. A Bible discussion followed. Two weeks later, the brothers from Rudny returned there. Recalls the pioneer brother: “Nikolay picked us up at the station. Many people in the village wanted to talk with ‘the ones who had arrived in the milk tank,’ so Nikolay made up a schedule, arranging for the interested ones to meet with us. All of those who were listed came by appointment and agreed to study the Bible.” In time, practically everyone who began to study the Bible in that village made good spiritual progress. Two years later, Nikolay and Valya were baptized. Now their two sons are unbaptized publishers, and Nikolay was recently appointed an elder in this isolated group.


Pioneers have been witnessing in the isolated mountain regions of the country of Georgia. Two pioneer sisters walked five miles [8 km] to a remote village located at the end of a mountain road and began preaching from house to house. Soon one of the older men of the village accosted Ketevan, one of the sisters, and demanded that she explain why she was preaching when she was not Orthodox. She tried to explain, but he would not listen. He then knocked her down and beat her with his cane. A number of people saw the beating, and the incident became widely known in the village. Later, Ketevan returned to preach in the same village. A woman who was previously opposed saw her and exclaimed: “You’re back here again after the beating you received! I’m amazed at your courage! Please come into my home and tell me more.” After listening, she said that Ketevan was welcome to visit her home anytime to preach to her.



POPULATION 802,232,357

PUBLISHERS 1,043,396



Some time ago, passersby found on the road a copy of the book You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth. They took it to an elder in their Protestant church. He read the book with great interest and searched for the Witnesses, who started to study the Bible with him. His knowledge of Bible truth increased, so he resigned from his church and got baptized. Meanwhile, he zealously talked to others in his former church about the truth, and 25 members left the church to become Jehovah’s Witnesses. The man who replaced him as church elder also began studying the Bible with the help of the Witnesses, and he too resigned from the church. He now attends Christian meetings and has expressed his desire to become a publisher. His wife was baptized at a recent special assembly day. It is amazing to think that all of this began with one book that was found on the road!

Côte d’Ivoire

While on his way to share in the field service in the capital city of Abidjan, a young Witness named Berenger passed a woman who sold bread. The woman dropped a 5,000-franc note ($10, U.S.) without realizing it. Just as Berenger picked it up to take it to her, another woman came from the opposite direction, yelling, “Give me that money; it is mine!” However, when Berenger asked her to verify the amount, the woman got angry and left. Berenger then ran to catch up with the woman who had lost the money. To his surprise, she denied that she had dropped it, adding, “This is a trick to rob me.” Discerning Berenger’s sincerity and persistence, however, she checked and found that she was indeed missing 5,000 francs, the equivalent of 50 loaves of bread.

Berenger said: “I gave her the money and told her that I did so because my God, Jehovah, teaches his servants to be honest. She thanked me and said: ‘If everyone conducted themselves as Jehovah’s Witnesses do, all men would be friends. It is the first time in my life that I have seen a youth act in such a way.’ I left her a tract, and she promised that from then on, she would listen to Jehovah’s Witnesses. That day, I had only 50 francs in my pocket for the whole day. Yet, I was happy that I did what is right.”

Democratic Republic of Congo

Eugene, an elder, works at a diamond business as a janitor and watchman. He recalls: “One evening a man came to the diamond shop intending to sell diamonds valued at $22,000 (U.S.). However, the packet containing the diamonds had fallen out of his pocket. Frantically, he looked everywhere but could not find it. The following day, his boss and a colleague walked up and down the street searching for the packet but in vain. Then I started sweeping outside, just in front of our shop door, and look! The packet of diamonds! I picked it up and ran to my boss, a Belgian man. He could not believe that I did that. I told him that I am one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and that I have respectful fear of my God. The owner of the diamonds, deeply moved by my honesty, exclaimed, ‘This is unbelievable!’

“One of my colleagues told me, ‘Eugene, you saved our reputation!’

“I replied: ‘Thank you! All the praise goes to Jehovah, as he is the one who taught me honesty.’”


While visiting a rural area, João, a missionary who serves as a circuit overseer, wanted to show to the local brothers and the interested people the DVD entitled Noah Walked With God​—David Trusted in God. The brother took along with him a small generator, two loudspeakers, and some gasoline, in addition to his laptop computer. At the first village, he lodged in a small mud house, and he arranged to show the film later in the evening. “To my surprise,” he said, “some 38 people arrived, supplied with chairs, benches, stones, milk cans, and other things to use as seats. There was not enough space in the house for even half of the people present, so we had to watch the film outside. Under a starry sky, I put the computer on top of some mud bricks, and many of those in attendance sat on colorful African fabrics on the ground.” News spread rapidly in the area, and many came to the villages that João visited. “When the showing was over, no one wanted to leave,” he recalls. “Many said that it had been the best night of their lives and expressed deep gratitude to Jehovah for this spiritual provision.” During the three weeks that João visited the groups in the rural area, 1,568 people watched the DVD!


Vida, a food contractor in Accra, was reluctant to supply fresh vegetables to the Ghana branch office. Why? Her pastor had told her that the Witnesses were hostile to non-Witnesses. Consequently, when Vida brought in her first consignment of food items, she was surprised when she was met with friendly smiles and polite expressions of appreciation from the kitchen staff. During the weeks that followed, she became familiar with the volunteers at the branch, noticing that each one was kind to her and realizing that her pastor had not told her the truth.

Eager to learn more, Vida asked for a Bible study, even though she could not read. Within six months, Vida learned how to read from her own Bible, and at a recent district convention, she was baptized. Despite ridicule from family members and former associates, Vida has helped her cousin to qualify as an unbaptized publisher.


While in the house-to-house ministry, a sister met two girls who welcomed her. Curiously, the girls would not let the sister help them find scriptures in their Bible. As it turned out, the local priest had warned them that if one of Jehovah’s Witnesses touched their copy of the Bible, the content would automatically change to harmonize with the Witnesses’ teachings. The girls even declined to shake the sister’s hand. Still, when they located the scriptures on their own, what they read was in harmony with what the sister said. Realizing that the priest had lied, they decided to study the Bible. Appalled, the priest promised to give them money to buy food​—if only they would discontinue the Bible study. Their reply? “We don’t want to fill our stomachs with food. We would rather be filled with the word of God.” The girls are now attending the congregation meetings.


Though his wife had been a Witness for about ten years, a man named Awoke had not shown much interest in the truth. Nevertheless, when traveling to another part of the country for a two-month course, he decided to look up the Witnesses. Upon his arrival, he was directed to an office where one of our sisters works. The sister had been praying that a brother come to assist the congregation there. When she was told that there was a man asking for Jehovah’s Witnesses, her prayers came to mind. At seeing Awoke, who was well-dressed and nicely groomed, she concluded that he was the new brother she had prayed for. Joyfully, she rushed up to Awoke and greeted him warmly. Because of her great joy, he did not have the heart to correct her, and he did not want to disappoint her when she introduced him to the brothers. During his stay, he attended all the meetings. When his course ended and the time came for him to leave, a group of sisters invited him for lunch, and they asked him to give thanks for the meal. He remembered how his wife, with her head covered, gave thanks for their meals at home, doing so in the name of Jesus. So the prayer and the meal went well. Touched by the kindness shown to him during his stay, Awoke decided to become a real brother. Upon returning home, he began to study, and at a recent assembly, he was baptized. His wife is delighted, and Awoke is waiting for the opportunity to tell his story to the congregation he visited.



POPULATION 730,776,667

PUBLISHERS 1,506,019



A local electrician went to the Kingdom Hall to fix an electric meter. The man was a notorious drunkard in his village. While fixing the meter, he took note of the yeartext: “Draw close to God, and he will draw close to you.” (Jas. 4:8) He paused and asked one of the brothers: “Is it really possible to draw close to God? Can sinners draw close to God?” The brother gave him answers from the Bible and invited him to the meeting. On Sunday, the man decided to go to the meeting but in another village, as he did not want his neighbors to see him going to the Kingdom Hall. As it turned out, though, the public speaker for that day was an elder from the man’s village. Upon seeing him, the man tried to hide. But the elder recognized him and warmly welcomed him. At that, he decided to attend meetings in his own village. A Bible study was started with him, and a year later he got baptized.

At that time, the man’s wife was working abroad, and she could not believe that her husband had stopped drinking and had become one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. To see this for herself, she returned home. She was happy that her husband had stopped abusing alcohol and was caring for their children, but she did not like the fact that he had become one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. One day, however, he asked her, “Could we, please, go to the Kingdom Hall all together, as a family?” She agreed. A Bible study was started with her, and in a short time, she got baptized together with their three daughters. Thus one Bible verse helped five people to draw close to God.


A brother who takes the same route to work each day noticed a woman regularly visiting a miniature chapel. Such chapels, seen along roadsides in Greece, usually mark the site of a fatal accident. To help this woman, the brother wrote a brief letter with comforting Scriptural thoughts on the condition of the dead and the hope of the resurrection. After adding his name and telephone number, the brother placed the letter inside the chapel. The very next day, the woman phoned him and showed great interest in the good news. She is now a regular return visit.


After field service, six sisters went to a café. They discussed a fine public talk that they had heard at the Kingdom Hall two days earlier. It was about the resurrection hope. After a while, a woman who had been listening came up to their table. She asked if she might sit down with them to hear about the subject they had been discussing. She told them that she had recently lost both of her parents. An upbuilding conversation followed. The sisters asked the woman for her phone number, and one of them later contacted her and started a Bible study.


Olga, a young full-time evangelizer, started a doorstep Bible study with a Russian woman. During one of their early discussions, the woman asked Olga to explain the Biblical expression “the last days.” (2 Tim. 3:1) Olga promised to do so on her next visit. For almost a month, Olga was not able to find the woman at home, though she called many times. And while no one opened the door, Olga noticed that someone looked out at her through the peephole. Says Olga: “I refused to think that this woman did not want to continue our Bible discussions. After all, someone else could have been behind the closed door. Therefore, I decided to write her a letter to explain the matter that concerned her. Three days later, I again tried to find her at home. How happy I was when she opened the door! She was deeply touched by the letter and by the personal interest shown to her.”

The woman thanked Olga and said: “I read your letter through several times and understood everything.” As a result, the initial doorstep study turned into a regular home Bible study in the Bible Teach book. And now, each time Olga goes to the study, this interested woman extends a warm welcome to her.


In Geneva, a cosmopolitan city, a sister named Marie spoke to a woman from the Middle East. Since Marie is learning Arabic, she used this language to communicate with her. Marie said that she believed in only one true God. At that, the woman embraced and kissed her, saying that she was sad and had been praying when Marie spoke to her. The woman said that she was returning to her country of origin the next day. Marie opened her Bible and read 1 Peter 3:7 and explained that God has a high regard for women. Next, she said that Jehovah wants every husband to honor and respect his wife. Astonished, the woman asked: “Are you an angel, or are you a human? My sorrow is that my husband does not practice what God says in this scripture. I pray regularly to God to help me. And you just opened this book and read this text to me.” The woman then asked Marie to write the scripture on a piece of paper. She said that she would take the paper with her, show it to her family, and tell them about this wonderful encounter. Marie was sorry that the woman had to leave, but they agreed to keep in touch.


The city of Rotterdam houses one of the largest ports in the world. The cargo arriving by sea is transferred onto trucks for delivery to countries in the European Union or beyond. Thus, a tremendous number of trucks pass through this country. One of the major highways into neighboring Germany has a huge truck stop through which up to 1,500 rigs pass each hour. Since many drivers take a compulsory break there, our brothers seize the opportunity to do truck-to-truck witnessing, meeting drivers from Europe, the Middle East, and nearly all of the former Soviet republics. The drivers are particularly fond of our magazines. Last year, brothers preached at the truck stop on 82 occasions and placed more than 10,000 magazines in 35 languages.



POPULATION 883,782,291

PUBLISHERS 3,256,287



Jorge serves as a regular pioneer and makes his living painting pictures. He witnessed to Hubert, another artist, who accepted a Bible study. Despite strong opposition from his family, friends, and neighbors, Hubert completed a study of the book Knowledge That Leads to Everlasting Life in just six months. In his prayers, he asked Jehovah to help his family learn the truth. He was pleasantly surprised when his brother Jhon joined him in the study and began to attend meetings. The following week, Jhon’s brother-in-law, Cesar, joined the study. Though initially opposed, Cesar’s wife too began to study. Later, Hubert’s schoolmate Reynaldo wanted to study. Strong opposition forced him to study at Hubert’s home. Soon thereafter, Hubert’s brother Milton also began to study. After his first lesson, Milton witnessed to two fellow students, Darwin and Christian, who both began to study and to attend meetings. Hubert also has two older brothers, Ronald and Martin. Ronald came to Hubert’s study with a long list of Bible questions, so Jorge explained that a Bible study would answer all his questions. He accepted. Next, Martin began to study, and his two daughters have also joined in. Hubert and Jhon were baptized at the “Deliverance at Hand!” District Convention. As a result of that initial witness, according to the latest tally, 18 people in all have come to learn about Jehovah.


Paulo lives in the northern part of the country on a ranch. The woman with whom he was living and whom he later married was having a Bible study, and he agreed to study the Bible simply to please her. Meanwhile, the cowboys working on the ranch chased and finally killed a jaguar that was decimating the cattle. Wanting to profit from the situation, they phoned the owner of the ranch and asked for money to hire a professional jaguar hunter. Paulo went along with the scheme, even telling his boss the same story. However, because of what Paulo had learned from the Bible, his conscience bothered him. Knowing that he could lose his job and that his colleagues would be angry with him, he phoned his boss and told him the truth. Later, Paulo was promoted to ranch manager because of his honesty. Paulo and his wife are now baptized publishers of the good news. What a pleasure to see this honest man driving his tractor to the Kingdom Hall, bringing along his wife and their two children!


While at a meeting for parents held at the school where her two young daughters attend, María, a zealous regular pioneer, noted that the teachers were concerned about the rebellious attitude and immoral behavior of some of the students. One teacher said: “Parents, if you do not want to see another delinquent on the streets, please help us. Speak to your children. Buy them a book. Do something for them because they have many questions. Don’t allow them to get the answers on the street.” Later, María inquired at the principal’s office about the conduct of her daughters and was told that they were no problem. She then recommended the book Questions Young People Ask​—Answers That Work as a practical guide for young ones. The principal listened attentively and asked María to bring her a copy. When María brought it the next day, the principal paged through it appreciatively and asked for another copy for the school psychologist. After reading it, the psychologist suggested that it be made part of the school curriculum. The principal ordered one book for each of the 12 teachers and 50 books for the school library.


Before dawn one day, a man was traveling from neighboring Argentina to his home in Uruguay. He was about to board a ferry that crosses the Río de la Plata when he was approached by a young girl who offered him the January 2006 Awake! magazine featuring the cover series “What Will the Future Bring?” The girl was friendly, and he gladly accepted the magazine. Upon arrival in Montevideo, the passengers were driven to the main bus terminal. To his surprise, he was once again approached by a Witness but this time, an elderly lady with a cane. She offered the same issue of the magazine, and he accepted it. Shortly after arriving home that evening, he heard a knock at the door. Yes, it was one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. After listening to a brief presentation, he took the magazine​—for the third time that day! When the Witness explained that contributions are accepted for the worldwide work, he said that he already knew about that and went inside to get some money. Returning, he brought along the two magazines that he had accepted earlier that day. Referring to the question “What will the future bring?” he smiled and said: “This much I know for sure: The future will bring one of Jehovah’s Witnesses!”

Puerto Rico

A sister was visiting her daughter when two robbers burst into the home, one armed with a revolver. They demanded money, but when the women said that they had none, one robber began to search the house while the other held the gun on them. At once they began to pray to Jehovah. The robber asked, “What are you doing?” They replied that they were Jehovah’s Witnesses and were praying to their God, Jehovah. While the sisters preached to the robber with the gun, the other man returned, saying that he had found an ATM card. Soon they were all in the mother’s car and on their way to the bank. The sisters kept preaching and speaking respectfully to the robbers. The mother now asked the thief with the gun to put it away, and to her surprise he did so, saying that he admired her for her tranquillity. She said that she had a son about their age but that he had a bright future before him. She urged the robbers to conform to Jehovah’s ways so that they too might have a wonderful future. Nevertheless, they all continued to the bank, and the daughter withdrew some money. The robbers then took our sisters to an alleyway, where they released them. One robber wanted to tie them up, but the man with the gun would not permit it. He told the sisters that someone very great was protecting them. Earlier the men had robbed, tied, and beaten others in the neighborhood.



POPULATION 35,914,649



Papua New Guinea

Tom, a former soldier, knew the horrors of war. When he met the Witnesses in the village where he lived, he was moved by the Bible’s promise of a world without war. Tom studied the Bible and progressed spiritually, but then a test of his faith came when he decided to attend the Memorial. Tom’s father had previously been a pastor in the United church, and Tom was currently the chairman of that church, which was located right next door to the Kingdom Hall. As Tom was entering the Kingdom Hall, he could see the church members​—his close friends, former coworkers, as well as the minister of the church—​who just stared at him. Tom wanted to hide, but then he thought: ‘Why should I hide? Now is the time that I should let people know that I am going to become one of Jehovah’s Witnesses.’ After the Easter holiday, he approached the minister of the church and asked, “Did you see me at the Kingdom Hall?”

The minister said, “Yes, I saw you,” and then they both laughed.

Then Tom said: “My friend, I believed that a certain old restaurant was the best place to eat, but I learned that the food had poison in it. Then I found a new restaurant, which served wholesome, nutritious food. Once I had tasted such good food, how could I go back to the old restaurant?”

The minister got the point and said, “Tom, don’t tell anybody, but I am a regular reader of the Awake! magazine.” Tom removed his name from the church roll and despite a number of trials has become a dedicated servant of Jehovah.

Solomon Islands

On February 18, 2006, 58 publishers graduated from the first Basic Auslan Sign Language Course organized by the branch office of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Since then, ten deaf people have accepted Bible studies and are attending congregation meetings. One of them is Moses. His neighbor had described him as “a short-tempered man who throws tantrums​—a very hard person to reason with.” However, when a Witness relative who had taken the course offered Moses a Bible study, he readily accepted. One month later when he attended his first meeting at the Kingdom Hall, his clothes were disheveled, his hair long, and his beard bushy. The welcome he received and the truths he “heard” touched his heart. He was surprised to learn from the Bible that by giving proper attention to his clothing and appearance, a person glorifies God. When he entered the Kingdom Hall the following week, the brothers didn’t recognize him. He had cut his hair and shaved off his beard, and he was neatly dressed. He had made changes in his personality too. His neighbor said: “Now he is clean, and he always has a smile on his face.” Moses is progressing spiritually and is helping other deaf ones to understand the good news.


The small, isolated atoll of Makemo, more than 360 miles [600 km] from Tahiti, has only 720 inhabitants. A woman named Ravahere became acquainted with the truth during a stay with relatives in Tahiti. Upon her return to Makemo, she began to study the Bible, first by mail, then by fax, and later by phone. Ravahere legalized her marriage and made other changes to conform to Jehovah’s standards, despite pressure from some in her family who wanted her to remain a Mormon. Eventually, while visiting a congregation in Tahiti, Ravahere qualified as an unbaptized publisher. Every two weeks she receives encouraging letters from publishers in that congregation.

In June 2006, the circuit overseer and his wife visited Ravahere. He reported that every weekend she preaches from door to door. She has mapped her territory and started several home Bible studies. She puts a display of our magazines beside her small snack bar. She also conducts a book study, which her husband attends.


Each week Matthew, a Gilead-trained missionary and an elder, conducts a Bible study with four students at a teachers college. At the college, ministers of various churches regularly preach sermons in the evenings to church members. The purpose of this arrangement is to support the school authorities, who are trying to combat the bad conduct prevalent on campus.

One evening, Matthew noticed a large number of students in the cafeteria​—about 250—​sitting quietly, waiting with Bibles, notebooks, and pens in hand. They were waiting for a minister from a major denomination who was to conduct a service. Because the minister did not arrive, however, Matthew was invited to address the group. Unlike the usual singing followed by a fire-and-brimstone sermon given by some, Matthew gave a very different type of presentation, using the Scriptures. As the subject for his impromptu talk, Matthew encouraged the students to remember their Creator while they were young. Afterward, all the students lined up to shake Matthew’s hand and express appreciation. He now looks forward to following up the interest generated by this unexpected opportunity.


While working from door to door, two sisters met a woman who was ill. She told them that she had terminal cancer and that she was busy packing things away so that others would not have to worry about the things when she died. The woman said that she had no family and no friends and that life was extremely lonely. She further explained that she had had disturbing experiences with other religions and felt that God had abandoned her. Later, one of the sisters took her a bunch of flowers, and because the woman had gone out, the sister left them at her door with a little note. That afternoon the woman phoned to express her deep appreciation for the kind gesture. She said that no one had ever shown such kindness or given her flowers before, and she apologized for not being at home. When the sisters called again, she was waiting for them. The Bible Teach book was introduced, and a Bible study was arranged.

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Hubert, Jorge, and Jhon

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Ravahere in her snack bar on Makemo

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