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Yeartext for 1975

Yeartext for 1975

 Yeartext for 1975

“I will say to Jehovah: ‘You are my refuge and my stronghold.’”​—Ps. 91:2.

How often as a Christian do you say that to Jehovah? Really, we should have this in our minds all the time because we know that we are in the wicked world, but not part of it. So we live in Satan’s world and, being there, we surely need a place of refuge.

Refuge means a place of shelter or protection from danger or trouble, and the god of this world Satan the Devil has brought only trouble to this world since he started the trouble in the Garden of Eden. Job’s critic Eliphaz said: “For man himself is born for trouble.” (Job 5:7) However, to his faithful followers, Jesus said: “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Exercise faith in God, exercise faith also in me.” (John 14:1) So a wise person will say to Jehovah: “You are my refuge and my stronghold.” He will seek protection from danger by exercising “faith in God.”

A Christian will want and must have spiritual security, and this he can get by studying God’s Word with God’s people. Jehovah has brought his people into the spiritual paradise since 1919 and has, in a wonderful way, cared for them. That does not mean, though, that no trouble or danger comes to them; it does. But when it does they understand why, and God’s Word shows them the way out.​—1 Cor. 10:13; 2 Cor. 4:8, 9.

We can be sure, if we stay close to Jehovah’s organization, study his Word and live by it, that we, along with God’s name people, Jehovah’s witnesses, will find refuge in Jehovah because “the name of Jehovah is a strong tower. Into it  the righteous runs and is given protection.” (Prov. 18:10) A righteous man is a wise man, for he loves Jehovah’s Word. If we stay in God’s stronghold we stay there because we want to live, and with life we can praise Jehovah continually. Jehovah’s witnesses want only to do Jehovah’s will, and that they do with a sense of security, saying: “Because you said: ‘Jehovah is my refuge,’ you have made the Most High himself your dwelling; no calamity will befall you, and not even a plague will draw near to your tent.”​—Ps. 91:9, 10.

Is it not wonderful to know that you can make the Most High God “your dwelling,” and that you can continue to proclaim that to others? You can, because of your dedication to do Jehovah’s will, and by your doing it you are one of Jehovah’s witnesses. Jesus said that all of his disciples should preach and teach. This we happily do to help others to gain the spiritual security provided by God. By your preaching the good news of His kingdom, continue to let mankind know where they can dwell so as to make Jehovah their refuge and stronghold.