The Song of Solomon 6:1-13

6  “Where has your dear one gone,O most beautiful of women? Which way did your dear one turn? Let us seek him with you.”   “My dear one has gone down to his garden,To the beds of spice plants,To shepherd among the gardensAnd to pick lilies.+   I am my dear one’s,And my dear one is mine.+ He is shepherding among the lilies.”+   “You are as beautiful as Tirʹzah,*+ my beloved,+As lovely as Jerusalem,+As breathtaking as armies around their banners.+   Turn your eyes+ away from me,For they overwhelm me. Your hair is like a flock of goatsStreaming down the slopes of Gilʹe·ad.+   Your teeth are like a flock of sheepThat have come up from being washed,All of them bearing twins,And not one has lost her young.   Like a segment of pomegranateAre your cheeks* behind your veil.   There may be 60 queensAnd 80 concubinesAnd young women without number.+   But only one is my dove,+ my flawless one. The only one of her mother. She is the favorite* of the one who bore her. The daughters see her, and they pronounce her happy;Queens and concubines, and they praise her. 10  ‘Who is she who shines* like the dawn,As beautiful as the full moon,As pure as the sunlight,As breathtaking as armies around their banners?’”+ 11  “I went down to the garden of nut trees+To see the new growth in the valley,*To see whether the vine had sprouted,*Whether the pomegranate trees had blossomed. 12  Before I knew it,My desire* had put meAt the chariots of my noble* people.” 13  “Return, return, O Shuʹlam·mite! Return, return,That we may look upon you!” “Why do you gaze upon the Shuʹlam·mite?”+ “She is like the dance of two companies!”*


Or “Pleasant City.”
Or “temples.”
Lit., “the pure one.”
Lit., “looks down.”
Or “wadi.”
Or “budded.”
Or “soul.”
Or “willing.”
Or “dance of Mahanaim.”

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