Psalm 122:1-9

A Song of the Ascents. Of David. 122  I rejoiced when they said to me: “Let us go to the house of Jehovah.”+   And now our feet are standingWithin your gates, O Jerusalem.+   Jerusalem is built as a cityThat is joined together as one.+   The tribes have gone up to it,The tribes of Jah,*According to the reminder to Israel,To give thanks to the name of Jehovah.+   For thrones for judgment were set up there,+Thrones of the house of David.+   Ask for the peace of Jerusalem.+ Those who love you, O city, will be secure.   May peace continue within your ramparts,*Security within your fortified towers.   For the sake of my brothers and my companions I will say: “May there be peace within you.”   For the sake of the house of Jehovah our God,+I will seek good for you.


“Jah” is a shortened form of the name Jehovah.
Or “fortified walls.”

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