Romans 10:1-21

10  ᾿Αδελφοί, Brothers,theμὲν indeedεὐδοκία well thinkingτῆς of theἐμῆς myκαρδίας heartκαὶ andtheδέησις supplicationπρὸς towardτὸν theθεὸν Godὑπὲρ overαὐτῶν themεἰς intoσωτηρίαν. salvation. 2  μαρτυρῶ I am bearing witnessγὰρ forαὐτοῖς to themὅτι thatζῆλον zealθεοῦ of Godἔχουσιν· they are having;ἀλλ’ butοὐ notκατ’ according toἐπίγνωσιν, accurate knowledge, 3  ἀγνοοῦντες being ignorant ofγὰρ forτὴν theτοῦ of theθεοῦ Godδικαιοσύνην, righteousness,καὶ andτὴν theἰδίαν ownζητοῦντες seekingστῆσαι, to make stand,τῇ to theδικαιοσύνῃ righteousnessτοῦ of theθεοῦ Godοὐχ notὑπετάγησαν· they were subjected; 4  τέλος endγὰρ forνόμου of LawΧριστὸς Christεἰς intoδικαιοσύνην righteousnessπαντὶ to everyτῷ the (one)πιστεύοντι. believing. 5  Μωυσῆς Mosesγὰρ forγράφει is writingὅτι thatτὴν theδικαιοσύνην righteousnessτὴν the (one)ἐκ out ofνόμου LawTheποιήσας having doneἄνθρωπος manζήσεται will liveἐν inαὐτῇ. it. 6  Theδὲ butἐκ out ofπίστεως faithδικαιοσύνη righteousnessοὕτως thusλέγει is sayingΜὴ Notεἴπῃς you should sayἐν inτῇ theκαρδίᾳ heartσου of youΤίς Whoἀναβήσεται will ascendεἰς intoτὸν theοὐρανόν; heaven?τοῦτ’ thisἔστιν isΧριστὸν Christκαταγαγεῖν· to lead down; 7  orΤίς Whoκαταβήσεται will descendεἰς intoτὴν theἄβυσσον; abyss?τοῦτ’ thisἔστιν isΧριστὸν Christἐκ out ofνεκρῶν dead (ones)ἀναγαγεῖν. to lead up. 8  ἀλλὰ Butτί whatλέγει; is it saying?᾿Εγγύς Nearσου youτὸ theῥῆμά sayingἐστιν, is,ἐν inτῷ theστόματί mouthσου of youκαὶ andἐν inτῇ theκαρδίᾳ heartσου· of you;τοῦτ’ thisἔστιν isτὸ theῥῆμα sayingτῆς of theπίστεως faithwhichκηρύσσομεν. we are preaching. 9  ὅτι Thatἐὰν if everὁμολογήσῃς you should confessτὸ theῥῆμα sayingἐν inτῷ theστόματί mouthσου of youὅτι thatΚύριος LordἸησοῦς, Jesus,καὶ andπιστεύσῃς you should believeἐν inτῇ theκαρδίᾳ heartσου of youὅτι thattheθεὸς Godαὐτὸν himἤγειρεν raised upἐκ out ofνεκρῶν, dead (ones),σωθήσῃ· you will be saved; 10  καρδίᾳ to heartγὰρ forπιστεύεται it is being believedεἰς intoδικαιοσύνην, righteousness,στόματι to mouthδὲ butὁμολογεῖται it is being confessedεἰς intoσωτηρίαν· salvation; 11  λέγει Is sayingγὰρ fortheγραφή ScriptureΠᾶς Everythe (one)πιστεύων believingἐπ’ uponαὐτῷ himοὐ notκαταισχυνθήσεται. will be made ashamed. 12  οὐ Notγάρ forἐστιν isδιαστολὴ distinctionἸουδαίου of Jewτε andκαὶ andἝλληνος, of Greek,theγὰρ forαὐτὸς veryκύριος Lordπάντων, of all (ones),πλουτῶν being richεἰς intoπάντας allτοὺς the (ones)ἐπικαλουμένους calling uponαὐτόν· him; 13  Πᾶς everyoneγὰρ forὃς whoἂν likelyἐπικαλέσηται might call uponτὸ theὄνομα nameΚυρίου of Lordσωθήσεται. will be saved. 14  Πῶς Howοὖν thereforeἐπικαλέσωνται should they call uponεἰς intoὃν whomοὐκ notἐπίστευσαν; they believed?πῶς Howδὲ butπιστεύσωσιν should they believeοὗ of whomοὐκ notἤκουσαν; they heard?πῶς Howδὲ butἀκούσωσιν should they hearχωρὶς apart fromκηρύσσοντος; (one) preaching? 15  πῶς Howδὲ butκηρύξωσιν should they preachἐὰν if everμὴ notἀποσταλῶσιν; they should be sent?καθάπερ According to which (things) indeedγέγραπται it has been writtenὩς Asὡραῖοι beautifulοἱ theπόδες feetτῶν of the (ones)εὐαγγελιζομένων declaring as good newsἀγαθά. good things. 16  ᾿Αλλ’ Butοὐ notπάντες allὑπήκουσαν they obeyedτῷ to theεὐαγγελίῳ· good news;Ἠσαίας Isaiahγὰρ forλέγει is sayingΚύριε, Lord,τίς whoἐπίστευσεν believedτῇ to theἀκοῇ hearingἡμῶν; of us? 17  ἄρα Reallytheπίστις faithἐξ out ofἀκοῆς, hearing,theδὲ butἀκοὴ hearingδιὰ throughῥήματος sayingΧριστοῦ. of Christ. 18  ἀλλὰ Butλέγω, I am saying,μὴ notοὐκ notἤκουσαν; they heard?μενοῦνγε Indeed-therefore-in factΕἰς Intoπᾶσαν allτὴν theγῆν earthἐξῆλθεν went outtheφθόγγος soundαὐτῶν, of them,καὶ andεἰς intoτὰ theπέρατα limitsτῆς of theοἰκουμένης inhabited [earth]τὰ theῥήματα sayingsαὐτῶν. of them. 19  ἀλλὰ Butλέγω, I am saying,μὴ notἸσραὴλ Israelοὐκ notἔγνω; knew?πρῶτος FirstΜωυσῆς Mosesλέγει is saying᾿Εγὼ Iπαραζηλώσω shall incite to jealousyὑμᾶς YOUἐπ’ uponοὐκ notἔθνει, nation,ἐπ’ uponἔθνει nationἀσυνέτῳ not comprehendingπαροργιῶ I shall incite to wrathὑμᾶς. YOU. 20  Ἠσαίας Isaiahδὲ butἀποτολμᾷ is daring offκαὶ andλέγει he is sayingΕὑρέθην I was foundτοῖς to the (ones)ἐμὲ meμὴ notζητοῦσιν, seeking,ἐμφανὴς apparentἐγενόμην I becameτοῖς to the (ones)ἐμὲ meμὴ notἐπερωτῶσιν. questioning upon. 21  πρὸς Towardδὲ butτὸν theἸσραὴλ Israelλέγει he is sayingὍλην Wholeτὴν theἡμέραν dayἐξεπέτασα I stretched outτὰς theχεῖράς handsμου of meπρὸς towardλαὸν peopleἀπειθοῦντα disobeyingκαὶ andἀντιλέγοντα. speaking against.