Revelation 14:1-20

14  Καὶ Andεἶδον, I saw,καὶ andἰδοὺ look!τὸ theἀρνίον Lambἑστὸς having stoodἐπὶ uponτὸ theὄρος mountainΣιών, Zion,καὶ andμετ’ withαὐτοῦ itἑκατὸν hundredτεσσεράκοντα forty-τέσσαρες fourχιλιάδες thousandsἔχουσαι havingτὸ theὄνομα nameαὐτοῦ of himκαὶ andτὸ theὄνομα nameτοῦ of theπατρὸς Fatherαὐτοῦ of himγεγραμμένον having been writtenἐπὶ uponτῶν theμετώπων foreheadsαὐτῶν. of them. 2  καὶ Andἤκουσα I heardφωνὴν voiceἐκ out ofτοῦ theοὐρανοῦ heavenὡς asφωνὴν voiceὑδάτων of watersπολλῶν manyκαὶ andὡς asφωνὴν voiceβροντῆς of thunderμεγάλης, great,καὶ andtheφωνὴ voiceἣν whichἤκουσα I heardὡς asκιθαρῳδῶν of harpersκιθαριζόντων harpingἐν inταῖς theκιθάραις harpsαὐτῶν. of them. 3  καὶ Andᾄδουσιν they are singingὡς asᾠδὴν songκαινὴν newἐνώπιον in sightτοῦ of theθρόνου throneκαὶ andἐνώπιον in sightτῶν of theτεσσάρων fourζῴων living [creatures]καὶ andτῶν of theπρεσβυτέρων· older persons;καὶ andοὐδεὶς no oneἐδύνατο was ableμαθεῖν to learnτὴν theᾠδὴν songεἰ ifμὴ notαἱ theἑκατὸν hundredτεσσεράκοντα forty-τέσσαρες fourχιλιάδες, thousands,οἱ the (ones)ἠγορασμένοι having been boughtἀπὸ fromτῆς theγῆς. earth. 4  οὗτοί Theseεἰσιν areοἳ whoμετὰ withγυναικῶν womenοὐκ notἐμολύνθησαν, were polluted,παρθένοι virginsγάρ forεἰσιν· they are;οὗτοι theseοἱ the (ones)ἀκολουθοῦντες followingτῷ to theἀρνίῳ Lambὅπου whereἂν likelyὑπάγει· he is going under;οὗτοι theseἠγοράσθησαν were boughtἀπὸ fromτῶν theἀνθρώπων menἀπαρχὴ firstfruitsτῷ to theθεῷ Godκαὶ andτῷ to theἀρνίῳ, Lamb, 5  καὶ andἐν inτῷ theστόματι mouthαὐτῶν of themοὐχ notεὑρέθη was foundψεῦδος· lie;ἄμωμοί unblemishedεἰσιν. they are. 6  Καὶ Andεἶδον I sawἄλλον otherἄγγελον angelπετόμενον flyingἐν inμεσουρανήματι, midheaven,ἔχοντα havingεὐαγγέλιον good newsαἰώνιον everlastingεὐαγγελίσαι to declare as glad newsἐπὶ uponτοὺς the (ones)καθημένους sittingἐπὶ uponτῆς theγῆς earthκαὶ andἐπὶ uponπᾶν everyἔθνος nationκαὶ andφυλὴν tribeκαὶ andγλῶσσαν tongueκαὶ andλαόν, people, 7  λέγων (he) sayingἐν inφωνῇ voiceμεγάλῃ greatΦοβήθητε Fear YOUτὸν theθεὸν Godκαὶ andδότε give YOUαὐτῷ to himδόξαν, glory,ὅτι becauseἦλθεν cametheὥρα hourτῆς of theκρίσεως judgmentαὐτοῦ, of him,καὶ andπροσκυνήσατε give worship YOUτῷ to the (one)ποιήσαντι having madeτὸν theοὐρανὸν heavenκαὶ andτὴν theγῆν earthκαὶ andθάλασσαν seaκαὶ andπηγὰς fountainsὑδάτων. of waters. 8  Καὶ Andἄλλος otherδεύτερος secondἄγγελος angelἠκολούθησεν followedλέγων sayingἜπεσεν, She fell,ἔπεσεν she fellΒαβυλὼν Babylontheμεγάλη, great,whichἐκ out ofτοῦ theοἴνου wineτοῦ of theθυμοῦ angerτῆς of theπορνείας fornicationαὐτῆς of herπεπότικεν has made to drinkπάντα allτὰ theἔθνη. nations. 9  Καὶ Andἄλλος otherἄγγελος angelτρίτος thirdἠκολούθησεν followedαὐτοῖς to themλέγων sayingἐν inφωνῇ voiceμεγάλῃ greatΕἴ Ifτις anyoneπροσκυνεῖ is worshipingτὸ theθηρίον wild beastκαὶ andτὴν theεἰκόνα imageαὐτοῦ, of it,καὶ andλαμβάνει he is receivingχάραγμα engravingἐπὶ uponτοῦ theμετώπου foreheadαὐτοῦ of himorἐπὶ uponτὴν theχεῖρα handαὐτοῦ, of him, 10  καὶ alsoαὐτὸς heπίεται will drinkἐκ out ofτοῦ theοἴνου wineτοῦ of theθυμοῦ angerτοῦ of theθεοῦ Godτοῦ of the (one)κεκερασμένου having been mingledἀκράτου unmingledἐν inτῷ theποτηρίῳ cupτῆς of theὀργῆς wrathαὐτοῦ, of him,καὶ andβασανισθήσεται he will be tormentedἐν inπυρὶ fireκαὶ andθείῳ sulphurἐνώπιον in sightἀγγέλων of angelsἁγίων holyκαὶ andἐνώπιον in sightτοῦ of theἀρνίου. Lamb. 11  καὶ Andtheκαπνὸς smokeτοῦ of theβασανισμοῦ tormentαὐτῶν of themεἰς intoαἰῶνας agesαἰώνων of agesἀναβαίνει, is stepping up,καὶ andοὐκ notἔχουσιν they are havingἀνάπαυσιν resting upἡμέρας of dayκαὶ andνυκτός, of night,οἱ the (ones)προσκυνοῦντες worshipingτὸ theθηρίον wild beastκαὶ andτὴν theεἰκόνα imageαὐτοῦ, of it,καὶ andεἴ ifτις anyoneλαμβάνει is receivingτὸ theχάραγμα engravingτοῦ of theὀνόματος nameαὐτοῦ. of it. 12  ῟Ωδε Heretheὑπομονὴ enduranceτῶν of theἁγίων holy (ones)ἐστίν, is,οἱ the (ones)τηροῦντες observingτὰς theἐντολὰς commandmentsτοῦ of theθεοῦ Godκαὶ andτὴν theπίστιν faithἸησοῦ. of Jesus. 13  Καὶ Andἤκουσα I heardφωνῆς of voiceἐκ out ofτοῦ theοὐρανοῦ heavenλεγούσης sayingΓράψον Write youΜακάριοι Happyοἱ theνεκροὶ dead (ones)οἱ theἐν inκυρίῳ Lordἀποθνήσκοντες (ones) dyingἀπ’ fromἄρτι. right now.ναί, Yes,λέγει is sayingτὸ theπνεῦμα, spirit,ἵνα in order thatἀναπαύσονται they will be rested upἐκ out ofτῶν theκόπων laborsαὐτῶν, of them,τὰ theγὰρ forἔργα worksαὐτῶν of themἀκολουθεῖ is followingμετ’ withαὐτῶν. them. 14  Καὶ Andεἶδον, I saw,καὶ andἰδοὺ look!νεφέλη cloudλευκή, white,καὶ andἐπὶ uponτὴν theνεφέλην cloudκαθήμενον (one) sittingὅμοιον likeυἱὸν sonἀνθρώπου, of man,ἔχων havingἐπὶ uponτῆς theκεφαλῆς headαὐτοῦ of himστέφανον crownχρυσοῦν goldenκαὶ andἐν inτῇ theχειρὶ handαὐτοῦ of himδρέπανον sickleὀξύ. sharp. 15  Καὶ Andἄλλος otherἄγγελος angelἐξῆλθεν went forthἐκ out ofτοῦ theναοῦ, divine habitation,κράζων crying outἐν inφωνῇ voiceμεγάλῃ greatτῷ to theκαθημένῳ (one) sittingἐπὶ uponτῆς theνεφέλης cloudΠέμψον Send youτὸ theδρέπανόν sickleσου of youκαὶ andθέρισον, harvest you,ὅτι becauseἦλθεν cametheὥρα hourθερίσαι, to harvest,ὅτι becauseἐξηράνθη was dried uptheθερισμὸς harvestτῆς of theγῆς. earth. 16  καὶ Andἔβαλεν threwthe (one)καθήμενος sittingἐπὶ uponτῆς theνεφέλης cloudτὸ theδρέπανον sickleαὐτοῦ of himἐπὶ uponτὴν theγῆν, earth,καὶ andἐθερίσθη was harvestedtheγῆ. earth. 17  Καὶ Andἄλλος otherἄγγελος angelἐξῆλθεν went forthἐκ out ofτοῦ theναοῦ divine habitationτοῦ the (one)ἐν inτῷ theοὐρανῷ heavenἔχων havingκαὶ alsoαὐτὸς heδρέπανον sickleὀξύ. sharp. 18  Καὶ Andἄλλος otherἄγγελος angelἐξῆλθεν went forthἐκ out ofτοῦ theθυσιαστηρίου, altar,the (one)ἔχων havingἐξουσίαν authorityἐπὶ uponτοῦ theπυρός, fire,καὶ andἐφώνησεν he voicedφωνῇ to voiceμεγάλῃ greatτῷ to the (one)ἔχοντι havingτὸ theδρέπανον sickleτὸ theὀξὺ sharpλέγων sayingΠέμψον Sendσου of youτὸ theδρέπανον sickleτὸ theὀξὺ sharpκαὶ andτρύγησον gather inτοὺς theβότρυας clustersτῆς of theἀμπέλου vineτῆς of theγῆς, earth,ὅτι becauseἤκμασαν ripenedαἱ theσταφυλαὶ grapesαὐτῆς. of it. 19  καὶ Andἔβαλεν threwtheἄγγελος angelτὸ theδρέπανον sickleαὐτοῦ of himεἰς intoτὴν theγῆν, earth,καὶ andἐτρύγησεν gathered inτὴν theἄμπελον vineτῆς of theγῆς, earth,καὶ andἔβαλεν he threwεἰς intoτὴν theληνὸν pressτοῦ of theθυμοῦ angerτοῦ of theθεοῦ Godτὸν theμέγαν. great. 20  καὶ Andἐπατήθη was trampled ontheληνὸς winepressἔξωθεν outsideτῆς of theπόλεως, city,καὶ andἐξῆλθεν came outαἷμα bloodἐκ out ofτῆς theληνοῦ winepressἄχρι untilτῶν theχαλινῶν bridlesτῶν of theἵππων horsesἀπὸ fromσταδίων stadiaχιλίων thousandἑξακοσίων. six hundred.