Revelation 12:1-17

12  Καὶ Andσημεῖον signμέγα greatὤφθη was seenἐν inτῷ theοὐρανῷ, heaven,γυνὴ womanπεριβεβλημένη having been thrown aboutτὸν theἥλιον, sun,καὶ andtheσελήνη moonὑποκάτω underneathτῶν theποδῶν feetαὐτῆς, of her,καὶ andἐπὶ uponτῆς theκεφαλῆς headαὐτῆς of herστέφανος crownἀστέρων of starsδώδεκα, twelve, 2  καὶ andἐν inγαστρὶ bellyἔχουσα· having;καὶ andκράζει she is crying outὠδίνουσα being in birth painsκαὶ andβασανιζομένη being tormentedτεκεῖν. to give birth. 3  καὶ Andὤφθη was seenἄλλο otherσημεῖον signἐν inτῷ theοὐρανῷ, heaven,καὶ andἰδοὺ look!δράκων dragonμέγας greatπυρρός, fiery-red,ἔχων havingκεφαλὰς headsἑπτὰ sevenκαὶ andκέρατα hornsδέκα tenκαὶ andἐπὶ uponτὰς theκεφαλὰς headsαὐτοῦ of itἑπτὰ sevenδιαδήματα, diadems, 4  καὶ andtheοὐρὰ tailαὐτοῦ of itσύρει is draggingτὸ theτρίτον third [part]τῶν of theἀστέρων starsτοῦ of theοὐρανοῦ, heaven,καὶ andἔβαλεν it threwαὐτοὺς themεἰς intoτὴν theγῆν. earth.καὶ Andtheδράκων dragonἔστηκεν has stoodἐνώπιον in sightτῆς of theγυναικὸς womanτῆς the (one)μελλούσης being aboutτεκεῖν, to give birth,ἵνα in order thatὅταν wheneverτέκῃ she should give birthτὸ theτέκνον childαὐτῆς of herκαταφάγῃ. it might eat down. 5  καὶ Andἔτεκεν she gave birth toυἱόν, son,ἄρσεν, male,ὃς whoμέλλει is aboutποιμαίνειν to be shepherdingπάντα allτὰ theἔθνη nationsἐν inῥάβδῳ staffσιδηρᾷ· made of iron;καὶ andἡρπάσθη was snatchedτὸ theτέκνον childαὐτῆς of herπρὸς towardτὸν theθεὸν Godκαὶ andπρὸς towardτὸν theθρόνον throneαὐτοῦ. of him. 6  καὶ Andtheγυνὴ womanἔφυγεν fledεἰς intoτὴν theἔρημον, desolate [land],ὅπου whereἔχει she is havingἐκεῖ thereτόπον placeἡτοιμασμένον having been preparedἀπὸ fromτοῦ theθεοῦ, God,ἵνα in order thatἐκεῖ thereτρέφωσιν they may be nourishingαὐτὴν herἡμέρας daysχιλίας thousandδιακοσίας two hundredἑξήκοντα. sixty. 7  Καὶ Andἐγένετο occurredπόλεμος warἐν inτῷ theοὐρανῷ, heaven,theΜιχαὴλ Michaelκαὶ andοἱ theἄγγελοι angelsαὐτοῦ of himτοῦ of theπολεμῆσαι to warμετὰ withτοῦ theδράκοντος. dragon;καὶ andtheδράκων dragonἐπολέμησεν warredκαὶ andοἱ theἄγγελοι angelsαὐτοῦ, of it, 8  καὶ andοὐκ notἴσχυσεν, it proved strong,οὐδὲ not-butτόπος placeεὑρέθη was foundαὐτῶν of themἔτι yetἐν inτῷ theοὐρανῷ. heaven. 9  καὶ Andἐβλήθη was throwntheδράκων dragontheμέγας, great,theὄφις serpenttheἀρχαῖος, archaic,the (one)καλούμενος being calledΔιάβολος Devilκαὶ andTheΣατανᾶς, Satan,the (one)πλανῶν making to errτὴν theοἰκουμένην being inhabited [earth]ὅλην,— whole,—ἐβλήθη he was thrownεἰς intoτὴν theγῆν, earth,καὶ andοἱ theἄγγελοι angelsαὐτοῦ of himμετ’ withαὐτοῦ himἐβλήθησαν. were thrown. 10  καὶ Andἤκουσα I heardφωνὴν voiceμεγάλην greatἐν inτῷ theοὐρανῷ heavenλέγουσαν saying Ἄρτι Right nowἐγένετο becametheσωτηρία salvationκαὶ andtheδύναμις powerκαὶ andtheβασιλεία kingdomτοῦ of theθεοῦ Godἡμῶν of usκαὶ andtheἐξουσία authorityτοῦ of theχριστοῦ Christαὐτοῦ, of him,ὅτι becauseἐβλήθη was throwntheκατήγωρ accuserτῶν of theἀδελφῶν brothersἡμῶν, of us,the (one)κατηγορῶν accusingαὐτοὺς themἐνώπιον in sightτοῦ of theθεοῦ Godἡμῶν of usἡμέρας of dayκαὶ andνυκτός· of night; 11  καὶ andαὐτοὶ theyἐνίκησαν conqueredαὐτὸν himδιὰ throughτὸ theαἷμα bloodτοῦ of theἀρνίου Lambκαὶ andδιὰ throughτὸν theλόγον wordτῆς of theμαρτυρίας witnessαὐτῶν, of them,καὶ andοὐκ notἠγάπησαν they lovedτὴν theψυχὴν soulαὐτῶν of themἄχρι untilθανάτου· death; 12  διὰ throughτοῦτο thisεὐφραίνεσθε, be YOU making yourselves well-minded,οὐρανοὶ heavensκαὶ andοἱ the (ones)ἐν inαὐτοῖς themσκηνοῦντες· tenting;οὐαὶ woeτὴν theγῆν earthκαὶ andτὴν theθάλασσαν, sea,ὅτι becauseκατέβη stepped downtheδιάβολος Devilπρὸς towardὑμᾶς, YOU,ἔχων havingθυμὸν angerμέγαν, great,εἰδὼς having knownὅτι thatὀλίγον littleκαιρὸν appointed timeἔχει. he is having. 13  Καὶ Andὅτε whenεἶδεν sawtheδράκων dragonὅτι thatἐβλήθη it was thrownεἰς intoτὴν theγῆν, earth,ἐδίωξεν it persecutedτὴν theγυναῖκα womanἥτις whoἔτεκεν gave birth toτὸν theἄρσενα. male. 14  καὶ Andἐδόθησαν were givenτῇ to theγυναικὶ womanαἱ theδύο twoπτέρυγες wingsτοῦ of theἀετοῦ eagleτοῦ theμεγάλου, great,ἵνα in order thatπέτηται she may be flyingεἰς intoτὴν theἔρημον desolate [land]εἰς intoτὸν theτόπον placeαὐτῆς, of her,ὅπου whereτρέφεται she is being nourishedἐκεῖ thereκαιρὸν appointed timeκαὶ andκαιροὺς appointed timesκαὶ andἥμισυ halfκαιροῦ of appointed timeἀπὸ fromπροσώπου faceτοῦ of theὄφεως. serpent. 15  καὶ Andἔβαλεν threwtheὄφις serpentἐκ out ofτοῦ theστόματος mouthαὐτοῦ of itὀπίσω behindτῆς theγυναικὸς womanὕδωρ waterὡς asποταμόν, river,ἵνα in order thatαὐτὴν herποταμοφόρητον borne by riverποιήσῃ. it might make. 16  καὶ Andἐβοήθησεν gave aidtheγῆ earthτῇ to theγυναικί, woman,καὶ andἤνοιξεν opened uptheγῆ earthτὸ theστόμα mouthαὐτῆς of itκαὶ andκατέπιεν drank downτὸν theποταμὸν riverὃν whichἔβαλεν threwtheδράκων dragonἐκ out ofτοῦ theστόματος mouthαὐτοῦ· of it; 17  καὶ andὠργίσθη was made wrathfultheδράκων dragonἐπὶ uponτῇ theγυναικί, woman,καὶ andἀπῆλθεν it went offποιῆσαι to makeπόλεμον warμετὰ withτῶν theλοιπῶν leftover (ones)τοῦ of theσπέρματος seedαὐτῆς, of her,τῶν of the (ones)τηρούντων observingτὰς theἐντολὰς commandmentsτοῦ of theθεοῦ Godκαὶ andἐχόντων havingτὴν theμαρτυρίαν witnessἸησοῦ· of Jesus.