Matthew 25:1-46

25  Τότε Thenὁμοιωθήσεται will be likenedtheβασιλεία kingdomτῶν of theοὐρανῶν heavensδέκα to tenπαρθένοις, virgins,αἵτινες whoλαβοῦσαι having takenτὰς theλαμπάδας lampsἑαυτῶν of themselvesἐξῆλθον went outεἰς intoὑπάντησιν meetingτοῦ of theνυμφίου. bridegroom. 2  πέντε Fiveδὲ butἐξ out ofαὐτῶν themἦσαν wereμωραὶ foolishκαὶ andπέντε fiveφρόνιμοι· discreet; 3  αἱ theγὰρ forμωραὶ foolish (ones)λαβοῦσαι having takenτὰς theλαμπάδας lampsαὐτῶν of themοὐκ notἔλαβον tookμεθ’ withἑαυτῶν themselvesἔλαιον· oil; 4  αἱ theδὲ butφρόνιμοι discreet (ones)ἔλαβον tookἔλαιον oilἐν inτοῖς theἀγγείοις receptaclesμετὰ withτῶν theλαμπάδων lampsἑαυτῶν. of themselves. 5  χρονίζοντος Taking his timeδὲ butτοῦ of theνυμφίου bridegroomἐνύσταξαν they noddedπᾶσαι allκαὶ andἐκάθευδον. were sleeping. 6  μέσης Of middleδὲ butνυκτὸς of nightκραυγὴ outcryγέγονεν has occurredἸδοὺ Look!Theνυμφίος, bridegroom,ἐξέρχεσθε Be you going outεἰς intoἀπάντησιν. meeting. 7  τότε Thenἠγέρθησαν rose upπᾶσαι allαἱ theπαρθένοι virginsἐκεῖναι thoseκαὶ andἐκόσμησαν put in orderτὰς theλαμπάδας lampsἑαυτῶν. of themselves. 8  αἱ Theδὲ butμωραὶ foolish (ones)ταῖς to theφρονίμοις discreet (ones)εἶπαν saidΔότε Giveἡμῖν to usἐκ out ofτοῦ theἐλαίου oilὑμῶν, of YOU,ὅτι becauseαἱ theλαμπάδες lampsἡμῶν of usσβέννυνται. are being extinguished. 9  ἀπεκρίθησαν Answeredδὲ butαἱ theφρόνιμοι discreet (ones)λέγουσαι sayingΜήποτε Perhapsοὐ notμὴ notἀρκέσῃ it might be enoughἡμῖν to usκαὶ andὑμῖν· to YOU;πορεύεσθε be going YOUR wayμᾶλλον ratherπρὸς towardτοὺς the (ones)πωλοῦντας sellingκαὶ andἀγοράσατε buyἑαυταῖς. for yourselves. 10  ἀπερχομένων Going offδὲ butαὐτῶν of themἀγοράσαι to buyἦλθεν cametheνυμφίος, bridegroom,καὶ andαἱ theἕτοιμοι ready (ones)εἰσῆλθον went inμετ’ withαὐτοῦ himεἰς intoτοὺς theγάμους, marriage festivities,καὶ andἐκλείσθη was shuttheθύρα. door. 11  ὕστερον Latterlyδὲ butἔρχονται are comingκαὶ alsoαἱ theλοιπαὶ leftoverπαρθένοι virginsλέγουσαι sayingΚύριε Lordκύριε, lord,ἄνοιξον openἡμῖν· to us; 12  the (one)δὲ butἀποκριθεὶς having answeredεἶπεν said᾿Αμὴν Amenλέγω I am sayingὑμῖν, to YOU,οὐκ notοἶδα I have knownὑμᾶς. YOU. 13  Γρηγορεῖτε Be YOU staying awakeοὖν, therefore,ὅτι becauseοὐκ notοἴδατε YOU have knownτὴν theἡμέραν dayοὐδὲ norτὴν theὥραν. hour. 14  Ὥσπερ As-evenγὰρ forἄνθρωπος manἀποδημῶν traveling abroadἐκάλεσεν calledτοὺς theἰδίους ownδούλους slavesκαὶ andπαρέδωκεν gave overαὐτοῖς to themτὰ theὑπάρχοντα belongingsαὐτοῦ, of him, 15  καὶ andto which (one)μὲν indeedἔδωκεν he gaveπέντε fiveτάλαντα talentsto which (one)δὲ butδύο twoto which (one)δὲ butἕν, one,ἑκάστῳ to each (one)κατὰ according toτὴν theἰδίαν ownδύναμιν, power,καὶ andἀπεδήμησεν. he traveled abroad. 16  εὐθέως Immediatelyπορευθεὶς having gone his waythe (one)τὰ theπέντε fiveτάλαντα talentsλαβὼν having receivedἠργάσατο workedἐν inαὐτοῖς themκαὶ andἐκέρδησεν gainedἄλλα othersπέντε· five; 17  ὡσαύτως as-thusthe (one)τὰ theδύο twoἐκέρδησεν gainedἄλλα othersδύο· two; 18  the (one)δὲ butτὸ theἓν oneλαβὼν having receivedἀπελθὼν having gone offὤρυξεν dug upγῆν earthκαὶ andἔκρυψεν hidτὸ theἀργύριον silverτοῦ of theκυρίου lordαὐτοῦ. of him. 19  μετὰ Afterδὲ butπολὺν muchχρόνον timeἔρχεται is comingtheκύριος lordτῶν of theδούλων slavesἐκείνων thoseκαὶ andσυναίρει lifts up withλόγον wordμετ’ withαὐτῶν. them. 20  καὶ Andπροσελθὼν having come towardthe (one)τὰ theπέντε fiveτάλαντα talentsλαβὼν having receivedπροσήνεγκεν brought towardἄλλα othersπέντε fiveτάλαντα talentsλέγων sayingΚύριε, Lord,πέντε fiveτάλαντά talentsμοι to meπαρέδωκας· you gave over;ἴδε seeἄλλα othersπέντε fiveτάλαντα talentsἐκέρδησα. I gained. 21  ἔφη Saidαὐτῷ to himtheκύριος lordαὐτοῦ of himΕὖ, Well,δοῦλε slaveἀγαθὲ goodκαὶ andπιστέ, faithful,ἐπὶ uponὀλίγα few (things)ἦς you wereπιστός, faithfulἐπὶ uponπολλῶν many (things)σε youκαταστήσω· I shall set down;εἴσελθε enterεἰς intoτὴν theχαρὰν joyτοῦ of theκυρίου lordσου. of you. 22  προσελθὼν Having come towardκαὶ alsothe (one)τὰ theδύο twoτάλαντα talentsεἶπεν saidΚύριε, Lord,δύο twoτάλαντά talentsμοι to meπαρέδωκας· you gave over;ἴδε seeἄλλα othersδύο twoτάλαντα talentsἐκέρδησα. I gained. 23  ἔφη Saidαὐτῷ to himtheκύριος lordαὐτοῦ of himΕὖ, Well,δοῦλε slaveἀγαθὲ goodκαὶ andπιστέ, faithful,ἐπὶ uponὀλίγα few (things)ἦς you wereπιστός, faithful,ἐπὶ uponπολλῶν manyσε youκαταστήσω· I shall set down;εἴσελθε enterεἰς intoτὴν theχαρὰν joyτοῦ of theκυρίου lordσου. of you. 24  προσελθὼν Having come towardδὲ butκαὶ alsothe (one)τὸ theἓν oneτάλαντον talentεἰληφὼς having receivedεἶπεν saidΚύριε, Lord,ἔγνων I knewσε youὅτι thatσκληρὸς hardεἶ you areἄνθρωπος, man,θερίζων reapingὅπου whereοὐκ notἔσπειρας you sowedκαὶ andσυνάγων gatheringὅθεν whenceοὐ notδιεσκόρπισας· you scattered; 25  καὶ andφοβηθεὶς having fearedἀπελθὼν having gone offἔκρυψα I hidτὸ theτάλαντόν talentσου of youἐν inτῇ theγῇ· earth;ἴδε seeἔχεις you are havingτὸ theσόν. yours. 26  ἀποκριθεὶς Having answeredδὲ buttheκύριος lordαὐτοῦ of himεἶπεν saidαὐτῷ to himΠονηρὲ Wickedδοῦλε slaveκαὶ andὀκνηρέ, sluggish,ᾔδεις you knewὅτι thatθερίζω I am reapingὅπου whereοὐκ notἔσπειρα I sowedκαὶ andσυνάγω am gatheringὅθεν whenceοὐ notδιεσκόρπισα; I scattered? 27  ἔδει It was necessaryσε youοὖν thereforeβαλεῖν to throwτὰ theἀργύριά silver [pieces]μου of meτοῖς to theτραπεζείταις, bankers,καὶ andἐλθὼν having comeἐγὼ Iἐκομισάμην carried offἂν likelyτὸ theἐμὸν mineσὺν withτόκῳ. interest. 28  ἄρατε Lift you upοὖν thereforeἀπ’ fromαὐτοῦ himτὸ theτάλαντον talentκαὶ andδότε giveτῷ to the (one)ἔχοντι havingτὰ theδέκα tenτάλαντα· talents; 29  τῷ to the (one)γὰρ forἔχοντι havingπαντὶ to everyoneδοθήσεται it will be givenκαὶ andπερισσευθήσεται· he will be made to abound;τοῦ of the (one)δὲ butμὴ notἔχοντος havingκαὶ alsowhichἔχει he is havingἀρθήσεται will be lifted upἀπ’ fromαὐτοῦ. him. 30  καὶ Andτὸν theἀχρεῖον uselessδοῦλον slaveἐκβάλετε throw YOU outεἰς intoτὸ theσκότος darknessτὸ theἐξώτερον· outer;ἐκεῖ thereἔσται will betheκλαυθμὸς weepingκαὶ andtheβρυγμὸς gnashingτῶν of theὀδόντων. teeth. 31  Ὅταν Wheneverδὲ butἔλθῃ should cometheυἱὸς Sonτοῦ of theἀνθρώπου manἐν inτῇ theδόξῃ gloryαὐτοῦ of himκαὶ andπάντες allοἱ theἄγγελοι angelsμετ’ withαὐτοῦ, him,τότε thenκαθίσει he will sit downἐπὶ uponθρόνου throneδόξης of gloryαὐτοῦ, of him, 32  καὶ andσυναχθήσονται will be led togetherἔμπροσθεν in frontαὐτοῦ of himπάντα allτὰ theἔθνη, nations,καὶ andἀφορίσει he will separateαὐτοὺς them [persons]ἀπ’ fromἀλλήλων, one another,ὥσπερ as-eventheποιμὴν shepherdἀφορίζει is separatingτὰ theπρόβατα sheepἀπὸ fromτῶν theἐρίφων, kids, 33  καὶ andστήσει he will make to standτὰ theμὲν indeedπρόβατα sheepἐκ out ofδεξιῶν right-hand [places]αὐτοῦ of himτὰ theδὲ butἐρίφια kidsἐξ out ofεὐωνύμων. left-hand [places]. 34  τότε Thenἐρεῖ will saytheβασιλεὺς kingτοῖς to the (ones)ἐκ out ofδεξιῶν right-hand [places]αὐτοῦ of himΔεῦτε, Hither,οἱ the (ones)εὐλογημένοι blessedτοῦ of theπατρός Fatherμου, of me,κληρονομήσατε inheritτὴν theἡτοιμασμένην having been preparedὑμῖν to YOUβασιλείαν kingdomἀπὸ fromκαταβολῆς foundingκόσμου· of world; 35  ἐπείνασα I hungeredγὰρ forκαὶ andἐδώκατέ YOU gaveμοι to meφαγεῖν, to eat,ἐδίψησα I got thirstyκαὶ andἐποτίσατέ YOU caused to drinkμε, me,ξένος strangerἤμην I wasκαὶ andσυνηγάγετέ YOU gatheredμε, me, 36  γυμνὸς nakedκαὶ andπεριεβάλετέ YOU clothedμε, me,ἠσθένησα I fell sickκαὶ andἐπεσκέψασθέ you looked afterμε, me,ἐν inφυλακῇ prisonἤμην I wasκαὶ andἤλθατε you cameπρός towardμε. me. 37  τότε Thenἀποκριθήσονται will answerαὐτῷ to himοἱ theδίκαιοι righteous (ones)λέγοντες sayingΚύριε, Lord,πότε whenσε youεἴδαμεν we sawπεινῶντα hungeringκαὶ andἐθρέψαμεν, we fed,orδιψῶντα thirstingκαὶ andἐποτίσαμεν; we caused to drink? 38  πότε Whenδέ butσε youεἴδαμεν we sawξένον strangerκαὶ andσυνηγάγομεν, we gathered,orγυμνὸν nakedκαὶ andπεριεβάλομεν; we clothed? 39  πότε Whenδέ butσε youεἴδομεν we sawἀσθενοῦντα falling sickorἐν inφυλακῇ prisonκαὶ andἤλθομεν we cameπρός towardσε; you? 40  καὶ Andἀποκριθεὶς having answeredtheβασιλεὺς kingἐρεῖ will sayαὐτοῖς to them᾿Αμὴν Amenλέγω I am sayingὑμῖν, to YOU,ἐφ’ uponὅσον how muchἐποιήσατε YOU didἑνὶ to oneτούτων of theseτῶν theἀδελφῶν brothersμου of meτῶν theἐλαχίστων, least (ones),ἐμοὶ to meἐποιήσατε. YOU did. 41  τότε Thenἐρεῖ he will sayκαὶ alsoτοῖς to the (ones)ἐξ out ofεὐωνύμων left-hand [places]Πορεύεσθε Be going YOUR wayἀπ’ fromἐμοῦ meκατηραμένοι (ones) having been cursedεἰς intoτὸ theπῦρ fireτὸ theαἰώνιον everlastingτὸ theἡτοιμασμένον having been preparedτῷ to theδιαβόλῳ Devilκαὶ andτοῖς to theἀγγέλοις angelsαὐτοῦ· of him; 42  ἐπείνασα I became hungryγὰρ forκαὶ andοὐκ notἐδώκατέ YOU gaveμοι meφαγεῖν, to eat,καὶ andἐδίψησα I got thirstyκαὶ andοὐκ notἐποτίσατέ YOU caused to drinkμε, me, 43  ξένος strangerἤμην I wasκαὶ andοὐ notσυνηγάγετέ YOU gatheredμε, me,γυμνὸς nakedκαὶ andοὐ notπεριεβάλετέ YOU clothedμε, me,ἀσθενὴς sickκαὶ andἐν inφυλακῇ prisonκαὶ andοὐκ notἐπεσκέψασθέ YOU looked afterμε. me. 44  τότε Thenἀποκριθήσονται will answerκαὶ alsoαὐτοὶ theyλέγοντες sayingΚύριε, Lord,πότε whenσε youεἴδομεν we sawπεινῶντα hungeringorδιψῶντα thirstingorξένον strangerorγυμνὸν nakedorἀσθενῆ sickorἐν inφυλακῇ prisonκαὶ andοὐ notδιηκονήσαμέν we did serviceσοι; to you? 45  τότε Thenἀποκριθήσεται he will answerαὐτοῖς to themλέγων saying᾿Αμὴν Amenλέγω I sayὑμῖν, to YOU,ἐφ’ uponὅσον how muchοὐκ notἐποιήσατε YOU didἑνὶ to oneτούτων of theseτῶν theἐλαχίστων, least (ones),οὐδὲ neitherἐμοὶ to meἐποιήσατε. YOU did. 46  καὶ Andἀπελεύσονται will go offοὗτοι theseεἰς intoκόλασιν lopping offαἰώνιον, everlasting,οἱ theδὲ butδίκαιοι righteous onesεἰς intoζωὴν lifeαἰώνιον. everlasting.