John 15:1-27

15  ᾿Εγώ Iεἰμι amtheἄμπελος vinetheἀληθινή, true,καὶ andtheπατήρ Fatherμου of metheγεωργός farmerἐστιν· is; 2  πᾶν everyκλῆμα branchἐν inἐμοὶ meμὴ notφέρον bearingκαρπὸν fruitαἴρει he is lifting upαὐτό, it,καὶ andπᾶν everyoneτὸ theκαρπὸν fruitφέρον bearingκαθαίρει he is cleaningαὐτὸ itἵνα in order thatκαρπὸν fruitπλείονα moreφέρῃ. it may bear. 3  ἤδη Alreadyὑμεῖς YOUκαθαροί clean (ones)ἐστε YOU areδιὰ throughτὸν theλόγον wordὃν whichλελάληκα I have spokenὑμῖν· to YOU; 4  μείνατε remain YOUἐν inἐμοί, me,κἀγὼ and Iἐν inὑμῖν. YOU.καθὼς According asτὸ theκλῆμα branchοὐ notδύναται is ableκαρπὸν fruitφέρειν to be bearingἀφ’ fromἑαυτοῦ itselfἐὰν if everμὴ notμένῃ it may remainἐν inτῇ theἀμπέλῳ, vine,οὕτως thusοὐδὲ neitherὑμεῖς YOUἐὰν if everμὴ notἐν inἐμοὶ meμένητε. YOU may be remaining. 5  ἐγώ Iεἰμι amtheἄμπελος, vine,ὑμεῖς YOUτὰ theκλήματα. branches.The (one)μένων remainingἐν inἐμοὶ meκἀγὼ and Iἐν inαὐτῷ himοὗτος this (one)φέρει is bearingκαρπὸν fruitπολύν, much,ὅτι becauseχωρὶς apart fromἐμοῦ meοὐ notδύνασθε YOU are ableποιεῖν to be doingοὐδέν. nothing. 6  ἐὰν If everμή notτις anyoneμένῃ may be remainingἐν inἐμοὶ, me,ἐβλήθη he was thrownἔξω outsideὡς asτὸ theκλῆμα branchκαὶ andἐξηράνθη, he was dried up,καὶ andσυνάγουσιν they are leading togetherαὐτὰ themκαὶ andεἰς intoτὸ theπῦρ fireβάλλουσιν they are throwingκαὶ andκαίεται. it is being burned. 7  ᾿Εὰν If everμείνητε YOU should remainἐν inἐμοὶ meκαὶ andτὰ theῥήματά sayingsμου of meἐν inὑμῖν YOUμείνῃ, it should remain,whichἐὰν if everθέλητε YOU may be willingαἰτήσασθε ask YOUκαὶ andγενήσεται it will come to beὑμῖν· to YOU; 8  ἐν inτούτῳ this (thing)ἐδοξάσθη was glorifiedtheπατήρ Fatherμου of meἵνα in order thatκαρπὸν fruitπολὺν muchφέρητε YOU may be bearingκαὶ andγένησθε YOU should becomeἐμοὶ to meμαθηταί. disciples. 9  καθὼς According asἠγάπησέν lovedμε metheπατήρ, Father,κἀγὼ also Iὑμᾶς YOUἠγάπησα, loved,μείνατε remain YOUἐν inτῇ theἀγάπῃ loveτῇ theἐμῇ. mine. 10  ἐὰν If everτὰς theἐντολάς commandmentsμου of meτηρήσητε, YOU should observe,μενεῖτε YOU will remainἐν inτῇ theἀγάπῃ loveμου, of me,καθὼς according asἐγὼ Iτοῦ of theπατρὸς Fatherτὰς theἐντολὰς commandmentsτετήρηκα I have observedκαὶ andμένω I am remainingαὐτοῦ of himἐν inτῇ theἀγάπῃ. love. 11  Ταῦτα These (things)λελάληκα I have spokenὑμῖν to YOUἵνα in order thattheχαρὰ joytheἐμὴ mineἐν inὑμῖν YOUmay beκαὶ andtheχαρὰ joyὑμῶν of YOUπληρωθῇ. might be made full. 12  αὕτη Thisἐστὶν istheἐντολὴ commandmenttheἐμὴ mineἵνα in order thatἀγαπᾶτε YOU may be lovingἀλλήλους one anotherκαθὼς according asἠγάπησα I lovedὑμᾶς· YOU; 13  μείζονα greaterταύτης of thisἀγάπην loveοὐδεὶς no oneἔχει, is having,ἵνα in order thatτις anyoneτὴν theψυχὴν soulαὐτοῦ of himθῇ should putὑπὲρ overτῶν theφίλων friendsαὐτοῦ. of him. 14  ὑμεῖς YOUφίλοι friendsμού of meἐστε YOU areἐὰν if everποιῆτε YOU may be doingwhichἐγὼ Iἐντέλλομαι am commandingὑμῖν. to YOU. 15  οὐκέτι Not yetλέγω I am sayingὑμᾶς YOUδούλους, slaves,ὅτι becausetheδοῦλος slaveοὐκ notοἶδεν has knownτί whatποιεῖ is doingαὐτοῦ of himtheκύριος· lord;ὑμᾶς YOUδὲ butεἴρηκα I have saidφίλους, friends,ὅτι becauseπάντα all (things)whichἤκουσα I heardπαρὰ besideτοῦ of theπατρός Fatherμου of meἐγνώρισα I made knownὑμῖν. to YOU. 16  οὐχ Notὑμεῖς YOUμε meἐξελέξασθε, chose,ἀλλ’ butἐγὼ Iἐξελεξάμην choseὑμᾶς, YOU,καὶ andἔθηκα I putὑμᾶς YOUἵνα in order thatὑμεῖς YOUὑπάγητε may be going underκαὶ andκαρπὸν fruitφέρητε YOU may be bearingκαὶ andtheκαρπὸς fruitὑμῶν of YOUμένῃ, may be remaining,ἵνα in order thatὅτι whatἂν likelyαἰτήσητε YOU might askτὸν theπατέρα Fatherἐν inτῷ theὀνόματί nameμου of meδῷ he might giveὑμῖν. to YOU. 17  Ταῦτα These (things)ἐντέλλομαι I am commandingὑμῖν to YOUἵνα in order thatἀγαπᾶτε YOU may be lovingἀλλήλους. one another. 18  Εἰ Iftheκόσμος worldὑμᾶς YOUμισεῖ, is hating,γινώσκετε YOU are knowingὅτι thatἐμὲ meπρῶτον firstὑμῶν of YOUμεμίσηκεν. it has hated. 19  εἰ Ifἐκ out ofτοῦ theκόσμου worldἦτε, YOU were being,theκόσμος worldἂν likelyτὸ theἴδιον own (thing)ἐφίλει· was being fond of;ὅτι becauseδὲ butἐκ out ofτοῦ theκόσμου worldοὐκ notἐστέ, YOU are,ἀλλ’ butἐγὼ Iἐξελεξάμην choseὑμᾶς YOUἐκ out ofτοῦ theκόσμου, world,διὰ throughτοῦτο thisμισεῖ is hatingὑμᾶς YOUtheκόσμος. world. 20  μνημονεύετε Be YOU bearing in mindτοῦ of theλόγου wordοὗ of whichἐγὼ Iεἶπον saidὑμῖν to YOUΟὐκ Notἔστιν isδοῦλος slaveμείζων greaterτοῦ of theκυρίου lordαὐτοῦ· of him;εἰ ifἐμὲ meἐδίωξαν, they persecuted,καὶ alsoὑμᾶς YOUδιώξουσιν· they will persecute;εἰ ifτὸν theλόγον wordμου of meἐτήρησαν, they observed,καὶ alsoτὸν theὑμέτερον YOURSτηρήσουσιν. they will observe. 21  ἀλλὰ Butταῦτα these (things)πάντα allποιήσουσιν they will doεἰς intoὑμᾶς YOUδιὰ throughτὸ theὄνομά nameμου, of me,ὅτι becauseοὐκ notοἴδασιν they have knownτὸν the (one)πέμψαντά having sentμε. me. 22  Εἰ Ifμὴ notἦλθον I cameκαὶ andἐλάλησα I spokeαὐτοῖς, to them,ἁμαρτίαν sinοὐκ notεἴχοσαν· they were having;νῦν nowδὲ butπρόφασιν pretextοὐκ notἔχουσιν they are havingπερὶ aboutτῆς theἁμαρτίας sinαὐτῶν. of them. 23  The (one)ἐμὲ meμισῶν hatingκαὶ alsoτὸν theπατέρα Fatherμου of meμισεῖ. hates. 24  εἰ Ifτὰ theἔργα worksμὴ notἐποίησα I didἐν inαὐτοῖς themwhichοὐδεὶς not oneἄλλος otherἐποίησεν, did,ἁμαρτίαν sinοὐκ notεἴχοσαν· they were having;νῦν nowδὲ butκαὶ alsoἑωράκασιν they have seenκαὶ andμεμισήκασιν they have hatedκαὶ alsoἐμὲ meκαὶ andτὸν theπατέρα Fatherμου. of me. 25  ἀλλ’ Butἵνα in order thatπληρωθῇ should be fulfilledtheλόγος wordthe (one)ἐν inτῷ theνόμῳ Lawαὐτῶν of themγεγραμμένος having been writtenὅτι that᾿Εμίσησάν They hatedμε meδωρεάν. as free gift. 26  Ὅταν Wheneverἔλθῃ should cometheπαράκλητος paracleteὃν whomἐγὼ Iπέμψω shall sendὑμῖν to YOUπαρὰ besideτοῦ of theπατρός, Father,τὸ theπνεῦμα spiritτῆς of theἀληθείας truthwhichπαρὰ besideτοῦ of theπατρὸς Fatherἐκπορεύεται, is proceeding,ἐκεῖνος that (one)μαρτυρήσει will bear witnessπερὶ aboutἐμοῦ· me; 27  καὶ andὑμεῖς YOUδὲ butμαρτυρεῖτε, are bearing witness,ὅτι thatἀπ’ fromἀρχῆς beginningμετ’ withἐμοῦ meἐστέ. YOU are.