Galatians 6:1-18

6  ᾿Αδελφοί, Brothers,ἐὰν if everκαὶ alsoπρολημφθῇ should be overtakenἄνθρωπος manἔν inτινι someπαραπτώματι, falling beside,ὑμεῖς YOUοἱ theπνευματικοὶ spiritual (ones)καταρτίζετε be YOU adjusting downτὸν theτοιοῦτον such (one)ἐν inπνεύματι spiritπραΰτητος, of mildness,σκοπῶν looking atσεαυτόν, yourself,μὴ notκαὶ alsoσὺ youπειρασθῇς. should be tempted. 2  ᾿Αλλήλων Of one anotherτὰ theβάρη heavy thingsβαστάζετε, be YOU carrying,καὶ andοὕτως thusἀναπληρώσατε fulfill YOUτὸν theνόμον lawτοῦ of theχριστοῦ. Christ. 3  εἰ Ifγὰρ forδοκεῖ is thinkingτις anyoneεἶναί to beτι somethingμηδὲν nothingὤν, being,φρεναπατᾷ he is mentally misleadingἑαυτόν· himself; 4  τὸ theδὲ butἔργον workἑαυτοῦ of himselfδοκιμαζέτω let be provingἕκαστος, each (one),καὶ andτότε thenεἰς intoἑαυτὸν himselfμόνον aloneτὸ theκαύχημα boastingἕξει he will be havingκαὶ andοὐκ notεἰς intoτὸν theἕτερον, different (one), 5  ἕκαστος each (one)γὰρ forτὸ theἴδιον ownφορτίον loadβαστάσει. he will carry. 6  Κοινωνείτω Let be sharingδὲ butthe (one)κατηχούμενος being sounded down toτὸν theλόγον wordτῷ to the (one)κατηχοῦντι sounding downἐν inπᾶσιν allἀγαθοῖς. good (things). 7  Μὴ Notπλανᾶσθε, be YOU being made to err,θεὸς Godοὐ notμυκτηρίζεται· is being mocked;whatγὰρ forἐὰν if everσπείρῃ may be sowingἄνθρωπος, man,τοῦτο thisκαὶ alsoθερίσει· he will reap; 8  ὅτι becausethe (one)σπείρων sowingεἰς intoτὴν theσάρκα fleshἑαυτοῦ of himselfἐκ out ofτῆς theσαρκὸς fleshθερίσει will reapφθοράν, corruption,the (one)δὲ butσπείρων sowingεἰς intoτὸ theπνεῦμα spiritἐκ out ofτοῦ theπνεύματος spiritθερίσει he will reapζωὴν lifeαἰώνιον. everlasting. 9  τὸ Theδὲ butκαλὸν fine (thing)ποιοῦντες doingμὴ notἐνκακῶμεν, may we be behaving badly in,καιρῷ to appointed timeγὰρ forἰδίῳ ownθερίσομεν we shall reapμὴ notἐκλυόμενοι. being loosed out. 10  Ἄρα Reallyοὖν thereforeὡς asκαιρὸν appointed timeἔχωμεν, we may be having,ἐργαζώμεθα may we be workingτὸ theἀγαθὸν good (thing)πρὸς towardπάντας, all (ones),μάλιστα mostlyδὲ butπρὸς towardτοὺς theοἰκείους household [members]τῆς of theπίστεως. faith. 11  Ἴδετε See YOUπηλίκοις to how largeὑμῖν to YOUγράμμασιν to writingsἔγραψα I wroteτῇ to theἐμῇ myχειρί. hand. 12  Ὅσοι As many asθέλουσιν are willingεὐπροσωπῆσαι to make fair faceἐν inσαρκί, flesh,οὗτοι these (ones)ἀναγκάζουσιν are putting under necessityὑμᾶς YOUπεριτέμνεσθαι, to be being circumcised,μόνον onlyἵνα in order thatτῷ to theσταυρῷ stakeτοῦ of theχριστοῦ ChristἸησοῦ— Jesus—μὴ notδιώκωνται· they may be being persecuted; 13  οὐδὲ not-butγὰρ forοἱ the (ones)περιτεμνόμενοι being circumcisedαὐτοὶ theyνόμον lawφυλάσσουσιν, are guarding,ἀλλὰ butθέλουσιν they are willingὑμᾶς YOUπεριτέμνεσθαι to be being circumcisedἵνα in order thatἐν inτῇ theὑμετέρᾳ YOURσαρκὶ fleshκαυχήσωνται. they might boast. 14  ἐμοὶ To meδὲ butμὴ notγένοιτο may it occurκαυχᾶσθαι to be boastingεἰ ifμὴ notἐν inτῷ theσταυρῷ stakeτοῦ of theκυρίου Lordἡμῶν of usἸησοῦ JesusΧριστοῦ, Christ,δι’ throughοὗ whomἐμοὶ to meκόσμος worldἐσταύρωται has been put on stakeκἀγὼ and Iκόσμῳ. to world. 15  οὔτε Neitherγὰρ forπεριτομή circumcisionτι anythingἔστιν isοὔτε norἀκροβυστία, uncircumcision,ἀλλὰ butκαινὴ newκτίσις. creation. 16  καὶ Andὅσοι as many asτῷ to theκανόνι (measuring) reedτούτῳ thisστοιχήσουσιν, they will walk orderly,εἰρήνη peaceἐπ’ uponαὐτοὺς themκαὶ andἔλεος, mercy,καὶ andἐπὶ uponτὸν theἸσραὴλ Israelτοῦ of theθεοῦ. God. 17  Τοῦ Of theλοιποῦ leftover (thing)κόπους laborsμοι to meμηδεὶς no oneπαρεχέτω, let him be having beside,ἐγὼ Iγὰρ forτὰ theστίγματα brand marksτοῦ of theἸησοῦ Jesusἐν inτῷ theσώματί bodyμου of meβαστάζω. I am carrying. 18  Theχάρις undeserved kindnessτοῦ of theκυρίου Lordἡμῶν of usἸησοῦ JesusΧριστοῦ Christμετὰ withτοῦ theπνεύματος spiritὑμῶν, of YOU,ἀδελφοί· brothers;ἀμήν. amen.