2 Corinthians 5:1-21

5  οἴδαμεν We have knownγὰρ forὅτι thatἐὰν if evertheἐπίγειος earthlyἡμῶν of usοἰκία houseτοῦ of theσκήνους tentκαταλυθῇ, should be loosed down,οἰκοδομὴν buildingἐκ out ofθεοῦ Godἔχομεν we are havingοἰκίαν houseἀχειροποίητον not handmadeαἰώνιον everlastingἐν inτοῖς theοὐρανοῖς. heavens. 2  καὶ Andγὰρ forἐν inτούτῳ thisστενάζομεν, we are groaning,τὸ theοἰκητήριον dwelling houseἡμῶν of usτὸ the (one)ἐξ out ofοὐρανοῦ heavenἐπενδύσασθαι to put upon selvesἐπιποθοῦντες, longing, 3  εἴ ifγε in factκαὶ alsoἐνδυσάμενοι having put on selvesοὐ notγυμνοὶ naked (ones)εὑρεθησόμεθα. we shall be found. 4  καὶ Andγὰρ forοἱ the (ones)ὄντες beingἐν inτῷ theσκήνει tentστενάζομεν we are groaningβαρούμενοι being weighed downἐφ’ uponwhichοὐ notθέλομεν we are willingἐκδύσασθαι to put off selvesἀλλ’ butἐπενδύσασθαι, to put upon selves,ἵνα in order thatκαταποθῇ might be drunk downτὸ theθνητὸν mortal (thing)ὑπὸ byτῆς theζωῆς. life. 5  Theδὲ butκατεργασάμενος (one) having worked downἡμᾶς usεἰς intoαὐτὸ veryτοῦτο this (thing)θεός, God,the (one)δοὺς having givenἡμῖν to usτὸν theἀρραβῶνα tokenτοῦ of theπνεύματος. spirit. 6  Θαρροῦντες Being of good courageοὖν thereforeπάντοτε alwaysκαὶ andεἰδότες having knownὅτι thatἐνδημοῦντες being among (own) peopleἐν inτῷ theσώματι bodyἐκδημοῦμεν we are being out of (own) peopleἀπὸ fromτοῦ theκυρίου, Lord, 7  διὰ throughπίστεως faithγὰρ forπεριπατοῦμεν we are walking aboutοὐ notδιὰ throughεἴδους,— appearance,— 8  θαρροῦμεν we are being of good courageδὲ butκαὶ alsoεὐδοκοῦμεν we are thinking wellμᾶλλον ratherἐκδημῆσαι to be out of (own) peopleἐκ out ofτοῦ theσώματος bodyκαὶ andἐνδημῆσαι to be among (own) peopleπρὸς towardτὸν theκύριον· Lord; 9  διὸ through whichκαὶ alsoφιλοτιμούμεθα, we are fond of honor for selves,εἴτε whetherἐνδημοῦντες being among (own) peopleεἴτε orἐκδημοῦντες, being out of (own) people,εὐάρεστοι (ones) well pleasingαὐτῷ to himεἶναι. to be. 10  τοὺς Theγὰρ forπάντας allἡμᾶς usφανερωθῆναι to be manifestedδεῖ it is necessaryἔμπροσθεν in frontτοῦ of theβήματος stepτοῦ of theχριστοῦ, Christ,ἵνα in order thatκομίσηται might carry off for selfἕκαστος each (one)τὰ the (things)διὰ throughτοῦ theσώματος bodyπρὸς towardwhich (things)ἔπραξεν, he performed,εἴτε whetherἀγαθὸν good (thing)εἴτε orφαῦλον. vile (thing). 11  Εἰδότες Having knownοὖν thereforeτὸν theφόβον fearτοῦ of theκυρίου Lordἀνθρώπους menπείθομεν, we are persuading,θεῷ to Godδὲ butπεφανερώμεθα· we have been manifested;ἐλπίζω I am hopingδὲ butκαὶ alsoἐν inταῖς theσυνειδήσεσιν consciencesὑμῶν of YOUπεφανερῶσθαι. to have been manifested. 12  οὐ Notπάλιν againἑαυτοὺς selvesσυνιστάνομεν we are putting in standing togetherὑμῖν, to YOU,ἀλλὰ butἀφορμὴν onrush fromδιδόντες givingὑμῖν to YOUκαυχήματος of boastingὑπὲρ overἡμῶν, us,ἵνα in order thatἔχητε YOU may be havingπρὸς towardτοὺς the (ones)ἐν inπροσώπῳ faceκαυχωμένους (ones) boastingκαὶ andμὴ notἐν inκαρδίᾳ. heart. 13  εἴτε Whetherγὰρ forἐξέστημεν, we stood out of (selves),θεῷ· to God;εἴτε orσωφρονοῦμεν, we are sound in mind,ὑμῖν. to YOU. 14  Theγὰρ forἀγάπη loveτοῦ of theχριστοῦ Christσυνέχει is holding togetherἡμᾶς, us,κρίναντας having judgedτοῦτο thisὅτι thatεἷς oneὑπὲρ overπάντων all (ones)ἀπέθανεν· he died;ἄρα reallyοἱ theπάντες allἀπέθανον· they died; 15  καὶ andὑπὲρ overπάντων all (ones)ἀπέθανεν he diedἵνα in order thatοἱ theζῶντες (ones) livingμηκέτι not yetἑαυτοῖς to selvesζῶσιν they might liveἀλλὰ butτῷ to the (one)ὑπὲρ overαὐτῶν themἀποθανόντι to (one) having diedκαὶ andἐγερθέντι. to (one) having been raised up. 16  Ὥστε As-andἡμεῖς weἀπὸ fromτοῦ theνῦν nowοὐδένα no oneοἴδαμεν we have knownκατὰ according toσάρκα· flesh;εἰ ifκαὶ andἐγνώκαμεν we have knownκατὰ according toσάρκα fleshΧριστόν, Christ,ἀλλὰ butνῦν nowοὐκέτι not yetγινώσκομεν. we are knowing. 17  ὥστε As-andεἴ ifτις anyoneἐν inΧριστῷ, Christ,καινὴ newκτίσις· creation;τὰ theἀρχαῖα archaic (things)παρῆλθεν, went alongside,ἰδοὺ look!γέγονεν it has becomeκαινά· new (thing); 18  τὰ theδὲ butπάντα all (things)ἐκ out ofτοῦ theθεοῦ Godτοῦ the (one)καταλλάξαντος having reconciledἡμᾶς usἑαυτῷ to himselfδιὰ throughΧριστοῦ Christκαὶ andδόντος having givenἡμῖν to usτὴν theδιακονίαν serviceτῆς of theκαταλλαγῆς, reconciliation, 19  ὡς asὅτι thatθεὸς Godἦν wasἐν inΧριστῷ Christκόσμον worldκαταλλάσσων reconcilingἑαυτῷ, to himself,μὴ notλογιζόμενος reckoningαὐτοῖς to themτὰ theπαραπτώματα falls besideαὐτῶν, of them,καὶ andθέμενος having putἐν inἡμῖν usτὸν theλόγον wordτῆς of theκαταλλαγῆς. reconciliation. 20  Ὑπὲρ OverΧριστοῦ Christοὖν thereforeπρεσβεύομεν we are ambassadorsὡς asτοῦ of theθεοῦ Godπαρακαλοῦντος entreatingδι’ throughἡμῶν· us;δεόμεθα we are supplicatingὑπὲρ overΧριστοῦ, Christ,καταλλάγητε be YOU reconciledτῷ to theθεῷ. God. 21  τὸν The (one)μὴ notγνόντα having knownἁμαρτίαν sinὑπὲρ overἡμῶν usἁμαρτίαν sinἐποίησεν, he made,ἵνα in order thatἡμεῖς weγενώμεθα might becomeδικαιοσύνη righteousnessθεοῦ of Godἐν inαὐτῷ. him.