1 Thessalonians 5:1-28

5  Περὶ Aboutδὲ butτῶν theχρόνων timesκαὶ andτῶν theκαιρῶν, appointed times,ἀδελφοί, brothers,οὐ notχρείαν needἔχετε YOU are havingὑμῖν to YOUγράφεσθαι, to be written, 2  αὐτοὶ very (ones)γὰρ forἀκριβῶς exactlyοἴδατε YOU have knownὅτι thatἡμέρα dayΚυρίου of Lordὡς asκλέπτης thiefἐν inνυκτὶ nightοὕτως thusἔρχεται. is coming. 3  ὅταν Wheneverλέγωσιν they may be sayingΕἰρήνη Peaceκαὶ andἀσφάλεια, security,τότε thenαἰφνίδιος suddenαὐτοῖς to themἐπίσταται is standing uponὄλεθρος destructionὥσπερ as-eventheὠδὶν birth pangτῇ to the [woman]ἐν inγαστρὶ bellyἐχούσῃ, having,καὶ andοὐ notμὴ notἐκφύγωσιν. they should flee out. 4  ὑμεῖς YOUδέ, but,ἀδελφοί, brothers,οὐκ notἐστὲ YOU areἐν inσκότει, darkness,ἵνα in order thattheἡμέρα dayὑμᾶς YOUὡς asκλέπτας thievesκαταλάβῃ, should receive down, 5  πάντες allγὰρ forὑμεῖς YOUυἱοὶ sonsφωτός of lightἐστε YOU areκαὶ andυἱοὶ sonsἡμέρας. of day.Οὐκ Notἐσμὲν we areνυκτὸς of nightοὐδὲ not-butσκότους. of darkness. 6  ἄρα Reallyοὖν thereforeμὴ notκαθεύδωμεν may we be sleepingὡς asοἱ theλοιποί, leftover (ones),ἀλλὰ butγρηγορῶμεν may we be staying awakeκαὶ andνήφωμεν. may we be sober. 7  οἱ The (ones)γὰρ forκαθεύδοντες sleepingνυκτὸς of nightκαθεύδουσιν, they are sleeping,καὶ andοἱ the (ones)μεθυσκόμενοι getting themselves drunkνυκτὸς of nightμεθύουσιν· they are being drunk; 8  ἡμεῖς weδὲ butἡμέρας of dayὄντες beingνήφωμεν, may we be sober,ἐνδυσάμενοι having put onθώρακα breastplateπίστεως of faithκαὶ andἀγάπης of loveκαὶ andπερικεφαλαίαν helmetἐλπίδα hopeσωτηρίας· of salvation; 9  ὅτι becauseοὐκ notἔθετο putἡμᾶς ustheθεὸς Godεἰς intoὀργὴν wrathἀλλὰ butεἰς intoπεριποίησιν procuringσωτηρίας of salvationδιὰ throughτοῦ theκυρίου Lordἡμῶν of usἸησοῦ of JesusΧριστοῦ, Christ, 10  τοῦ of the (one)ἀποθανόντος having diedπερὶ aboutἡμῶν usἵνα in order thatεἴτε whetherγρηγορῶμεν we may be staying awakeεἴτε orκαθεύδωμεν we may be sleepingἅμα at the same timeσὺν together withαὐτῷ himζήσωμεν. we might live. 11  Διὸ Through whichπαρακαλεῖτε be YOU comfortingἀλλήλους one anotherκαὶ andοἰκοδομεῖτε be YOU building upεἷς oneτὸν theἕνα, one,καθὼς according asκαὶ alsoποιεῖτε. YOU are doing. 12  ᾿Ερωτῶμεν We are requestingδὲ butὑμᾶς, YOU,ἀδελφοί, brothers,εἰδέναι to have knownτοὺς the (ones)κοπιῶντας laboringἐν inὑμῖν YOUκαὶ andπροϊσταμένους standing beforeὑμῶν of YOUἐν inκυρίῳ Lordκαὶ andνουθετοῦντας putting mind inὑμᾶς, YOU, 13  καὶ andἡγεῖσθαι to be consideringαὐτοὺς themὑπερεκπερισσοῦ superabundantlyἐν inἀγάπῃ loveδιὰ throughτὸ theἔργον workαὐτῶν. of them.εἰρηνεύετε Be YOU peaceableἐν inἑαυτοῖς. selves. 14  Παρακαλοῦμεν We are encouragingδὲ butὑμᾶς, YOU,ἀδελφοί, brothers,νουθετεῖτε be YOU putting mind inτοὺς theἀτάκτους, disorderly,παραμυθεῖσθε be YOU consolingτοὺς theὀλιγοψύχους, ones of little soul,ἀντέχεσθε be YOU holding selves againstτῶν theἀσθενῶν, weak (ones),μακροθυμεῖτε be YOU having longness of spiritπρὸς towardπάντας. all. 15  ὁρᾶτε Be YOU seeingμή notτις anyoneκακὸν bad (thing)ἀντὶ in place ofκακοῦ bad (thing)τινὶ to anyoneἀποδῷ, he might give back,ἀλλὰ butπάντοτε alwaysτὸ theἀγαθὸν good (thing)διώκετε be YOU pursuingεἰς intoἀλλήλους one anotherκαὶ andεἰς intoπάντας. all. 16  Πάντοτε Alwaysχαίρετε, be YOU rejoicing, 17  ἀδιαλείπτως incessantlyπροσεύχεσθε, be YOU praying, 18  ἐν inπαντὶ everythingεὐχαριστεῖτε· be YOU giving thanks;τοῦτο thisγὰρ forθέλημα willθεοῦ of Godἐν inΧριστῷ ChristἸησοῦ Jesusεἰς intoὑμᾶς. YOU. 19  τὸ Theπνεῦμα spiritμὴ notσβέννυτε, be YOU extinguishing, 20  προφητείας propheciesμὴ notἐξουθενεῖτε· be YOU treating as nothing; 21  πάντα all (things)δὲ butδοκιμάζετε, be YOU proving,τὸ theκαλὸν fine (thing)κατέχετε, be YOU holding down, 22  ἀπὸ fromπαντὸς everyεἴδους seen (form)πονηροῦ of wicked(ness)ἀπέχεσθε. be YOU holding yourselves from. 23  Αὐτὸς Very (one)δὲ buttheθεὸς Godτῆς of theεἰρήνης peaceἁγιάσαι may sanctifyὑμᾶς YOUὁλοτελεῖς, completely whole,καὶ andὁλόκληρον whole in (every) partὑμῶν of YOUτὸ theπνεῦμα spiritκαὶ andtheψυχὴ soulκαὶ andτὸ theσῶμα bodyἀμέμπτως blamelesslyἐν inτῇ theπαρουσίᾳ presenceτοῦ of theκυρίου Lordἡμῶν of usἸησοῦ of JesusΧριστοῦ Christτηρηθείη. may it be kept. 24  πιστὸς Faithfulthe (one)καλῶν callingὑμᾶς, YOU,ὃς whoκαὶ alsoποιήσει. will do. 25  ᾿Αδελφοί, Brothers,προσεύχεσθε be YOU prayingκαὶ alsoπερὶ aboutἡμῶν. us. 26  ᾿Ασπάσασθε Greet YOUτοὺς theἀδελφοὺς brothersπάντας allἐν inφιλήματι kissἁγίῳ. holy. 27  ᾿Ενορκίζω I am putting an oathὑμᾶς YOUτὸν theκύριον Lordἀναγνωσθῆναι to be readτὴν theἐπιστολὴν letterπᾶσιν to allτοῖς theἀδελφοῖς. brothers. 28  Theχάρις undeserved kindnessτοῦ of theκυρίου Lordἡμῶν of usἸησοῦ JesusΧριστοῦ Christμεθ’ withὑμῶν. YOU.