Zechariah 9:1-17

9 * The boding of Jehovah’s word in Hadrac, its resting-place Damascus; for Jehovah’s are the eyes of mankind, and all the tribes of Israel; 2  Hamath too, bordering on it; Tyre and Sidon, very wise as they are. 3  And Tyre built itself siege-works and piled up silver like earth and hard gold like street mud. 4  Here Jehovah will dispossess her and knock her wealth into the sea, and she will be consumed by fire. 5 * Ashkelon will see and be afraid; Ghaza, and be utterly unmanned; and ʽEkron, because her cynosure has come to grief and king is lost to Ghaza; and Ashkelon will be uninhabited. 6  And a mongrel rabble will live in Ashdod, and I will abolish the Philistines’ pride; 7  and I will take out its blood from its mouth and its carrion from between its teeth, and it too will be left belonging to our God, and be like a privileged guest in Judah, and ʽEkron like a Jebusite. 8 *** And I will camp as garrison for my house against comer and goer, and never again shall a coercer pass through them; for now I have seen with my own eyes. 9  Jubilate most gayly, daughter of Sion; cheer, daughter of Jerusalem; here you shall have your kind come in; just and victorious is he, poor and mounted on a donkey, on a young beast born of donkeys. 10 * And he will abolish chariots from Ephraim and ponies from Jerusalem, and war-bows will be abolished, and he will pronounce peace to the nations; and his rule will be from sea to sea and from River to ends of earth. 11  Your prisoners too for your covenant blood I have let go out of the dry cistern. 12 ** The prisoners of hope shall come back to you, Sion, today too; double dower I will bring back to you. 13  For I have bent Judah for my bow, put Ephraim in for arrow; and I will rouse your sons, Sion, against the sons of Greece, and make you like a champion’s sword. 14  And Jehovah will appear over them, and his arrow will go out like the lightning; and the Lord Jehovah will blow the ram-horn and go with southern tempests. 15 *** Jehovah of Armies will shield them, and they will eat up and stamp down slingstones and drink their blood like wine, and be filled like a sacrificer’s bowl, like the corners of an altar, 16 * and their God Jehovah will give them the victory. On that day his people’s sheep will be like sparkling diadem-stones over his soil. 17  For how good and what a beauty-giver is he! grain will ripen young men, grape-juice maidens.


9:1 Susp.
9:5 Var. her reliance
9:8 Codd.* camp for my house to keep off any army, comer and goer
9:8 Lit. against passerby and goer back
9:8 Conj. I have looked upon their wretched state
9:10 Var. And I will
9:12 Codd. Come back to a fortification (unc.), prisoners of hope, today
9:12 Codd. today too announces, double I will bring back
9:15 Var. will use up and Conj. will win and
9:15 (slingstones) Conj. the sons of (some foreign country, it is not clear what one)
9:15 Conj. drink blood Var. and make an uproar as if over wine
9:16 Codd. victory on that day like his people’s sheep, for diademstones are sparkling over