Zechariah 2:1-13

2  And I raised my eyes and saw, and there was a man with a measuring-line in his hand. 2  And I said “Where are you going?” and he said to me “To measure Jerusalem, to see how wide and how long it is.” 3  And out went the angel that was speaking with me, and another angel came out to meet him; 4  and he said to him “Run, tell yonder young man ‘Jerusalem will live the life of rural towns owing to the number of men and beasts in her; 5  and I, quoth Jehovah, will be to her a wall of fire all round, and I will be glory within her.’” 6 * Ha, ha, off with you out of the north country, quoth Jehovah, because I have spread you along the four winds of the sky, quoth Jehovah. 7 ** Ha, make your escape to Sion, you that are living in Babylon. 8 ** For Jehovah of Armies says “After glory, he has sent me against the nations that were despoiling you, because he who touches you is touching the apple of his eye; 9  for here I am swinging my hand over them and they shall be booty for their slaves, and you shall know that Jehovah of Armies sent me. 10  Shout and be joyful, daughter of Sion, because here I am coming to take up my abode in your midst, quoth Jehovah, 11 *** and many nations will enlist under Jehovah on that day and become his people, and take up their abode in your midst, and you will know that Jehovah of Armies sent me to you. 12  And Jehovah will take Judah, his portion, as his own estate on the sacred soil, and will choose Jerusalem again. 13  Silence, all mortals, because of Jehovah, for he is astir from his holy dwelling.”


2:6 Var. I will gather you from the four
2:7 Or Ha, Sion, make your escape, you
2:7 Codd. in the daughter of Babylon
2:8 (After glory, he has sent me) Susp.
2:8 Var. sent me to the nations
2:11 Var. my own people
2:11 Var. and I will take up my abode
2:11 Conj. that all from and take up to the end of the verse has been added in copying